What Would YOU Do?!?


It’s Hump Day again ….

Today is also the peak of hurricane season in this area, and the storm trackers are busy noting developing tropical storms near the peninsula of Florida. The rain comes . . . and the rain goes … every day around 4pm …. and sometimes overnight! Flooding is a constant reminder that the entire state is surrounded by water on three sides … and it shows.

Each of us has our demons to deal with and some of us can identify with others who struggle with the temptations of the modern world. Often times, a crime is committed out of greed and selfishness. Other times, such behavior is spurned by a desire to control others. The “ego” is usually at the core. Still, there are more extreme moments when our demons literally bring us to our knees. I still think about Bob Coy aka “Pastor Bob” and how his leadership came to a screeching halt at Calvary Chapel, and, I am sure his family suffers as well. Peace be still. I can count the demons that haunt me from time to time on one hand . . . and have worked to put the others completely “out of commission”. Yes, for me, the philosophy of a “peace driven” life keeps me away from many temptations that would lead me to do evil and to respond with evil to evil!!! Not at all a healthy spiritual existence!!! I have learned that over the years.

The Ray Rice drama with he and his wife Janay has rocked many worlds, from the NFL and professional sports to domestic violence groups … not to mention those two themselves. It seems that the NFL commissioner had access to the tapes though he claims he wasn’t in contact with “less reliable sources” like TMZ who acquired the videotape of the incident in the elevator at the hotel where the Rices were at the time. Why do you think, if he did have access to the videotape, that he acted with a 6 game suspension against star player of the Ravens, Mr. Rice, instead of banning him from the NFL for now as he did yesterday??!! Could it really be “all about the money”? Since his removal from the Raven’s roster, sports outlets are allowing fans to return their “Rice” jerseys and get their money back. Nike Sports has dropped him from their advertisements and I am sure that there are more “balls to drop”!

Still, Rice’s wife’s statement basically saying that if the world wanted to rob them of happiness, make them feel alone and embarrassed, “the world” has succeeded. We were able to witness the videotaped segments of the incident. Yet, by far, the worst was the straight cold-cock punch that Rice landed on Janay’s head to knock her unconscious!! Domestic violence follows a cycle of pathology where one on either side looses touch with the reality of the fact that they are in a vicious cycle that can be interrupted through intense counseling. When do they begin? Can the Rices stay together in the face of this horrific “storm”? Do you think that they need counseling and can successfully complete it? What would YOU do … if caught in such circumstances that have spiraled out of control and is deeply touching this football player’s finances?!? Pray for peace.


John I. Cook

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