Stay The Course!


Monday, Monday ….

Can Monday be a fun day, too?! Why can’t everyday be a celebration of life?! I know like most of us that life has it’s “ups and downs” or “twists and turns”. Yet, how do you feel when you stay on course with what you believe is your mission, your journey, even? Surely there are those moments when “self doubt” may fill the air. Still, there are those other moments when you may tell yourself, “I knew I should’ve tried something else! This isn’t working out! It’s too difficult!” Whatever we tell ourselves is “what it is”!

I know all of this is easier said than done. I step out in faith so often that it feels like nearly every step I take today IS on faith!! Sometimes, I am just not sure what the outcome will be but I stay the course. Those distractions come … and go. Yet, as evidenced by Serena Williams winning her title and joining the ranks with two other professional women tennis players, it’s far more rewarding if you can stay the course. Everyone may not be such a champion as Serena, yet you can be your own “champion” for those things you hold dear to your heart. Just stay the course.

Last night, when I stepped out and looked up amidst the the swirling thoughts I had in my head about problems, challenges and answers, I noticed the full moon just sitting there majestically in the sky. I usually just hunker down and watch a program like “60 Minutes”, which I did, and then some of the animated programs, but they had some special on about “Utopia” … modern day style!!! I couldn’t stomach it so I took a cruise down “The Strip” aka “A-1-A” alongside the water of the Atlantic Ocean and taking in the most beautifully captivating sight of the full moon … just hanging there above the Ocean!!! Of course, I had some fun music on the radio and had had a rather decent day. I had worked through some pressings items on my personal agenda and was stepping out in faith on one or two major items on my agenda!!

Yes, even football season has started and folks are once again absorbed in “Fantasy Football” as well as the real NFL Football games, selecting and cheering for their favorite teams and jeering and jinxing the opponents!! We do seem quite like the ancient Romans when it comes to our attraction to competitive sports. I just admired the vast number of people at the US Open there in Queens, NY as the crowd cheered their favorite player and even applauded the “underdog” when she or he scored, too! Try to keep your “eyes on the prize” if you have determined it is something very important to you. Don’t let strong winds and naysayers take you off your course. In fact, ask them if they could help you in staying on your course, too!

Have a great Monday … and a wonderful week!


John I. Cook

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