“Above The Law?!?!” . . . Or NOT!!!!

Above the law

Happy Friday, All!

It was a short week … but still … T.G.I.F.!!! Yep! Does anybody else have “stuff” swirling around in their head like I do?! Now this is the main reason why I practice yoga, and I meditate and embrace the principles of peace, love and strength while dealing with the reality in our world today. Sometimes, I feel like I want to do a “Paul Robeson” and go to another country and just write. But then, I realize even more strongly that I am from H.E.R.E.!!! Maybe, there are some things I can do here … also with my writing!! I’ll keep my ear to the “universe” to see my direction more clearly.

In our world today, I have noticed the tendency of “folks” to think that they are “above the law” and that they can get away with anything!! I mean, the amount of corruption, deceit and games played on even the “tiniest” of levels in life (ie., a store, at work, on the street)! People try anything … and I do mean ANYTHING … and try to get away with it!!! Why?!? Do they think “we” don’t notice … or do they think “we” are stupid?!? BOTH answers are wrong … for most of us! Funniest (being facetious here) thing is when you KNOW there is some “shady” stuff going down … and people look at you as if you are “crazy” when you take note of their fool-hardiness and contradictory behaviour!!! What do you say? I say … nothing … and look at them as if they are “nuts”!!!

Okay, so a Broward County judge, Giselle Pollack, who has been known as the “drug court” judge, was in court herself yesterday in front of one of her colleagues. She was found guilty of DUI and was suspended without pay and given 6 months probation as well as community service. On her way from Gainesville to Ft. Lauderdale several months ago, she rear-ended a young driver with extreme impact and miserably failed the sobriety test when she couldn’t walk a straight line in front of an officer! She begged the officer to take the handcuffs off but the officer refused. In her comments upon her sentencing, she stated that she now knows how many of her defendants must have felt when they were arrested and held in disdain by the public … for their involvement with drugs and alcohol, both selling and buying. She now knows that she is NOT above the law!

In Coral Springs, FL three officers from their police department were charged with the illegal use of their union’s credit cards after they charged thousands of dollars of personal items on those cards! The first two were a husband and wife “team” with the husband, Officer Williams (prisoner transporter) using $1,500.00 on personal items, while his wife, a fraud detective, used nearly $30,000.00 from 2006 – 2011 on many personal items (her father’s new chair!), including $10K for her own personal use!!! The third officer was charged as well after an IRS random audit to the Police Officers Union’s “books” revealed the blatant misuses by these three officers of the Coral Springs Police Department. Methinks they will be charged for this abuse of union funds. One comment was made by a Coral Springs P.D. superior that this had nothing to do with their police work!!! Really??? Does it have something to do with their lack of values of truth and legal behaviour, EXACTLY what they are supposed to be upholding in their police work … maybe?!? The Williams’s both resigned and the third man was suspended WITH pay!

Still another “nutcase” officer, this one was a black one, is from the Miami Police Department. He was racing in his unmarked vehicle at high speeds over 100mph in the streets of Miami while off duty. When stopped, the detaining officers found cocaine and heroin, an electric cigarette and marijuana in his vehicle!! He was arrested and detained without pay.

Some have even accused the POTUS of ignoring “the law” . . . When was the last time you heard that?!? Nixon, maybe?!? I know, it is hard for some folks to be humble … honest and straightforward even. Many like to lie and cheat and pretend no one knows. Again, “I ain’t no saint” … but one has not heard of me doing anything quite so dastardly lately, has one?!? Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook

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