“Can You Top THIS?”


Happy Hump Day, Yeaaahhhhhh!!!

Yes, Wednesday got here a little faster this week?! Have you noticed?! Coolness revisited!

Yet, for the family of Steven Sotloff … and of course, Steven himself … this may not be such a happy day … peace be still. This journalist is from the Pine Crest area of Miami, FL. Many friends, including local politicians sent and brought condolences to their mourning household yesterday. Yes, so many incredible things are taking place nowadays. Oftentimes, I can see why the baptist ministers talk about the “last days and times” … it seems we are living like that. First, anything goes. Then, the “one upmanship” begins and all folks think about is “Now, can you top THIS?!?” Do you remember any moments in your childhood when you may have tried to out-do someone … in a foolish way, though?! It is amazing how “one” can be trying to do something seemingly “good” and another person or entity comes along and finds that “good” thing bad … and then challenges that person or entity with an even more dastardly deed!!! Where does it end?! Can you see where the practice of “one upmanship” can take us?! I stop thinking too much right here …

Here’s on for the books … A Broward County Sheriff’s deputy was sent to the scene of an accident recently where a man was hit by a speeding train … and died instantly near here in Pompano Beach, FL. The deputy was joined by another one shortly afterwards who noticed that the man who was hit had 45 hydrocodone tablets in a bottle in his possession! (Sounds like opiate rocket fuel, right?!) The dead man’s personal items were to be put into a police “locker” for investigative purposes. A week or so later when the “other” deputy went to check the personal items in the police property “locker”, there was no pill bottle … A few days later, a search of the first deputy’s car was ordered and the pill bottle with the tablets of hydrocodone was there, too, still with the deceased man’s name on the label!! He was arrested and placed in jail withOUT pay and charged with “robbery with a weapon”, since, as Chief Deputy Scott Israel terms it, “He had his job issued gun on him when he committed this crime so we are booking him as such!” Can you top THIS story?! I am just kidding, not going there this morning …

May the world find moments of peace within … for it seems that all without may be permanently contaminated with this “dog eat dog” spiral of human interaction … peace … be still!

Thanks for reading. And, you know what to do to stop receiving these, right?!


John I. Cook

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