You Gotta Believe!!!


Happy Friday, All!

Okay … ready?!? T.G.I.F.!!! Yeah!! Now, this is Labor Day Weekend, too, so I am thoroughly psyched for a long weekend, y’all. A friend of mine from Jackson, TN, Ms. Michele Rinks, sent me a post about a very successful and popular motivational speaker named “Johnny Wimbrey”! Our stories are similar though he got started sooner in life as a speaker. He was a gang member, if I am not mistaken, and NOW will be speaking at the Broward County Convention Center here in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday!!! I am going to see if I can get a chance to see him “motivate”!! Ms. Rinks has told me about him on various occasion, and, she had a chance to meet him in Las Vegas some weeks back. She said, “If I were in Florida, I wouldn’t miss [this event] for the world!”

This is like my 510th blog post for Educational Excellence and I am very proud of this “flat”(home)-styled business!! I don’t have much in terms of material things, I write a lot and am always seeking to broaden my horizons. Some people think I should do “this” while others think that I should do “that” … Still, I do what I think I feel best doing and deal with my circumstances as best I can. From time to time, some of the readers miss my points and/or take jabs at me as if in a boxing match!! Still, I love you!! Many of us don’t know nor have unconditional love. That’s what I have for each of you. “You gotta believe me!” When was the last time you heard that?!? Did you believe them?? It is hard to believe folks nowadays. Each time I set up to write my e-mail, I look at all the wonderful people that I have been fortunate enough to meet in my life. Even when I trained for ACORN in Nashville, TN over 5 years ago, I met Christian Thomas who was the coordinator of the ACORN office in Nashville. He trained me in foreclosure prevention and community organizing. We had a cool house office there in Nashville where we met before we went into the field. He is now a lawyer, and, if I am not mistaken, waiting for the results of his bar exam. Oh yeah, he is still with the same beautiful wife he had then and has a charming baby boy!

Also, while in Nashville training for a month, and during our foreclosure prevention fair we held at a local baptist church in the community there, I met Sharon Hurt, another integral part of this wonderful e-mail family. She still directs an organization there called “J.U.M.P.”!! She sent me a message after the piece on Michael Brown, the teen killed in Ferguson. She gave me a “thumbs up” just by saying “well said”. It means a lot to me when people really understand where I am “coming from” though one … anyone … doesn’t have to agree with me. I say what I think. Over the years, I have learned to look at my life as a journey, not a contest. It is not important for me to compete, though I must admit, I enjoy seeing others excel in their craft and adventures along this journey we share. Have you ever wondered what the future brings? Do YOU think that you know that, too?!? I try to keep it simple, y’all. I believe … and you gotta believe! Sending you all … each and every one of you … peace, love and light!


John I. Cook

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  1. Ken Chiarito
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 15:45:40

    Love you too!!

    Sent from my fingertips.




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