I Was Saving This One . . .


Happy Hump Day, Y’all …

I know, I know … there are a lot of things NOT to be happy about … I know. Yet, if we want to generate positive outcomes in our lives, we must think positive. Can you say, “We are what we think.” For me, this is why it is so important to surround myself with people who encourage and support me, as well as show me how I may improve, and with those who share similar values. So all this means a lot to me, and the things I write about.

So, yes, I have been saving this one … the RIP for Michael Brown. Yes, I know he must not have been an angel, like many of us were NOT at 18 … and many of us are STILL not angels at whatever age we may be at. It is a lot to digest in America, the land of the free, home of the brave. Many people know about the horrors of “institutional racism” and “white privilege”, which, together, can make the life of an African American nearly impossible. The horrors of slavery have left indelible marks on the psyche of many of us … American and foreign alike. I have had some people from Europe tell me that I exaggerate the life of African Americans and the difficulties we often face. I am not sure exactly why they think that because I try to be one of the most fair-minded people you may ever meet. I don’t judge … because I have been judged. It was interesting to hear Al Sharpton’s words regarding “policing” in the United States. He said something to the effect of: “Police work that allows guns (and drugs!) into the neighborhood but seeks to single out a man selling “loose cigarettes” in the street OR some teen-aged boy with his friends walking down the middle of the street is sketchy!!! Now that’s some shady police work!” I have walked down the middle of the street in my hometown. Have any of you?? What happened??? I know, you didn’t purportedly “steal cigars”, but … can one give the death sentence and execute a suspect in one easy pull of the trigger … for stealing cigars??!!

Okay, I was saving this, too … How many of you have lost a loved one … a teenager … a child … even a mate?! How does that feel? Would you “take the side of” anyone and everyone in “law enforcement”? How about the officer … sergeant I believe … on the “crowd control” duty there at Ferguson who had posted a video from 2012 saying, “If you don’t want to die, don’t get in front of me!” This guy served in Vietnam and has been in law enforcement there in Missouri for multiple years! Now here is a man that served in two “arenas” that Americans deem sacred – war efforts and community safety. His quote sounds like he has crossed the line a bit and thinks he is in a war zone when faced with decision making in the streets of America where his job is to promote safety – protect and serve! Yet, he physically pushed a news announcer, who, like a wise African American male would do in a similar situation, allowed himself to be pushed back … in a clip of Ferguson’s unrest that was viewed internationally!!! His superiors saw the danger and immediately removed him from that detail!!! Even “they” know … and I use “they” loosely, to refer to his superiors.

Losing a child to death must be difficult. I was proud to see the unity displayed by folks who protested peacefully there in Ferguson, MO as they asked that the officer be charged and tried like any other person would be. This is not a time for the institution of law enforcement to drop the ball and make it seem like “white privilege” is being invoked here. We need to be fair, and at least … let the judicial process work in this case as well, since this is all us “humans” have been able to devise to seek “liberty and justice for ALL!”

Have a great Hump Day, seek peace, if you will … and be well!


John I. Cook

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