Sometimes, It Just Is That Way


Happy Monday, All!

Yes, I did enjoy my weekend. Needless to say, I had to overlook some inconsistencies in behavior on the part of “others”. Now, it was disappointing to see for example, that someone from my past was looking to reconnect as friends while holding this attitude towards me as if I owe them something!! So, with that attitude came some words and actions, though I did my part … the drama was perfect, as I remember Roz Reich of the Brahma Kumaris, Hollywood, FL once mentioned. Meanwhile, I had to adjust to dealing with something that I knew was wrong! The other parties all had a vested interest in “proving” me wrong, so … I had to let it go! “Let go, and let God!”, as one 12-step program phrases it. I have been doing this over and over for many years now, so I knew what I had to do. It wasn’t easy, and it was more than one situation … that I was powerless over, peace be still.

Just a thought that came while watching “60 Minutes” last night with a segment on “data brokers” and this company called “Epsilon” that tracks purchases, “likes” on social networks, favorite foods, geographical preferences, right on down to fantasies of each of us!!! It was amazing how one company even has a “tracking device” with applications like the popular “Angry Birds”, which is a game that many many people play on their hand held mobile devices. The segment included information like the fact that the producers of “Angry Birds” gives you the application “free”, but then sells the information they get from “tracking” your whereabouts to other marketing components and businesses who use YOUR valuable information to literally “keep tabs” on each of us and develop a “profile” that has become instrumental in identifying our likes and dislikes and seeks to bombard us with “opportunities” that they know we can’t turn down!! How does that make you feel?? Hopefully, we become more cautious of what we put on the internet in surveys and questionnaires. There are interests groups pushing for the monitoring of these businesses like Epsilon and the ultimate regulation of their activities, if necessary.

I remember my father always telling me that: “You can’t win every battle, boy! Sometimes, you just have to learn from these experiences … and grin and bare it!” Updated interpretation, ’cause my father often spoke in parables, “the drama is perfect”! Have a great day, a wonderful week, and what does not serve you in a positive way, let it go . . .


John I. Cook

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