So What Should We Do Now???

What's Next

It’s Friday, and like I do each morning when I wake up, I thank my Creator whom I choose to call God … a power far greater than myself … or anyone I know

So, let’s see, the events surrounding the shooting in Ferguson, MO … yep, and I just watched the shooting … er uh … suicide by the kid in St. Louis … and you know he wanted to die – what do people wake up thinking about?! I mean, to me, this kid was also asking for help … He didn’t open fire on people with an automatic weapon in a movie theatre and he didn’t go into a school to shoot and kill kids … he had a knife. Yes, a knife is a deadly weapon. You … or I … or an officer … have the right to defend oneself against an attacker with a knife. In his head, I am sure he was already “lost” – no self esteem, no faith in society, no one who really cared about him enough to intervene before he set himself up as an “armed target”. Of course, there is enough “excuses” or reasons to execute him … Could an alternative been to “taser” him … maybe give him an opportunity to say he was crazy and enter a treatment center or jail??? With all the tensions in our purported “post racial America”, given the players in this scene, it was clear as the officers manipulated the scenario to allow themselves to justifiably execute this kid … with 9 shots.

Another journalist is slated to be “beheaded” and a failed rescue attempt by US Special Forces not only shows the intelligence of these “insurgents”, but has also shown them that they must take extra added precautions to avoid their capture and the journalist’s rescue. Quite a “check mate” situation … Is “all the world a stage” OR does it seem more like a chess game?!? It is indeed quite a real “live” human theatre … this world we live in. Yet, we each have our parts to play in this “human theatre”, if only we could figure them out!! Well, this is part of my role in this episode – to write about things. Still, I have other roles or perhaps facets of my main role as an advocate of peace and self-love and discipline. I will be getting to those later … for sure!!

Problems all around us, both near and afar. What should we do now? Choose wisely! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend … because you can!


John I. Cook

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