The Michael Brown Saga continues . . .

Brown's Mom

Happy Hump Day, All!

Just in case you were wondering, it is the middle of the week!!! Yeah!!! At least for many of us … Journalists are beheaded in Iraq and the terrorists tell Obama to get troops out. Isn’t this a barbaric way to get the POTUS’s attention?!? I can only imagine what must have been running through their minds in those seconds before the knife entered their throats …. Peace be still. As if this isn’t enough for the leader of the “free” world to have to handle???!

We turn to look at the on-going tensions, questions, frustrations … yes … and more shootings!!!!! Michael Brown’s mother, family and friends are trying to cope with this “here today, gone tomorrow” mentality of today’s modern world. This situation is so volatile … people are so sensitive … anything can happen … and it is!!! More shootings, more tear gas, more looting … some peaceful demonstrations still happening but Ferguson looks like a war zone with tanks rolling down the street … ” in the land of the free, home of the brave!” Makes me wanna holla … hold up both my hands!!!! These lyrics are timeless, I can hear Marvin Gaye singing to Michael Brown’s soul now …

I continue to think about his mother … Trayvon’s mother offers her support. The same attorney for Trayvon’s mother, Mr. Crump, has yet another case on his hands – a young African American male is taken too soon. Now, the cries that Brown was a gang member and was high on pot … and he “bum rushed” the officer before he was shot … in the HEAD!!! “That devil weed makes people run at guns!” is the thought that the some would like you to believe about Brown. This was the same tactic used on Trayvon … he was going to make “sisurp” with his Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea … So, Zim was supposed to execute him … Just like Officer Wilson executed Michael Brown … even if he did steal four cigars … Death by Execution is OVERKILL!!!! Literally!!! I stated my opinion earlier … As a sociologist and a student of social psychology, I believe that Officer Wilson’s instinct and training, values (or lack of!) took over in that instant when he felt threatened as an authority and saw 6 foot 5 inch African American male – Michael Brown – facing him … and he lost it!!!! All his hatred came out on Brown in that instant!! All of his tension and frustration was released each time he pulled the trigger SIX TIMES with his gun aimed at Brown’s upper body … Peace be still … RIP Michael Brown.

What can we do to calm this storm that has been stirred up in Ferguson?? An independent investigation is still underway by the Federal Government as Attorney General Holder directs and conducts his own investigation. Can the truth come out? Should the officer be arrested?? How accountable does a civil servant have to be, when armed with deadly force and is NOT confronted with deadly force but uses his anyway??? Tough questions, who’s got the answers …


John I. Cook

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