Stir Up The Good Things!!!

Little things

Happy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well and that you had a chance to unwind … relax, even. Today is the first day of school in South Florida … Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties included. I have been keeping up a bit with the Superintendent of Schools in Miami Dade as there has been a lot of improvements in the public schools with additional equipment (laptops) for each student. This is a commitment to academic excellence by Alberto Carvalho who received the 2014 Superintendent of the Year Award sponsored by the School Superintendents Association earlier this year in Nashville. He is definitely a “hands on” superintendent who sets a very high standard for education in Miami Dade Public Schools. The schools even held a “Back to School” event yesterday sponsored by former students of Miami Dade Public Schools to be sure that ALL students had the proper supplies for the first day of school today!

These past few weeks have been full of reflections for me as things in my own life continue to change and develop. It is clear I need to hunker down on a few projects. So, as I meandered around the flat yesterday fixing brunch after yoga and listening to a few church broadcasts on television, a woman minister from Metro Life Church, Mary Alessi, caught my attention. She had a bowl in her hand and a spoon in it and was preaching a sermon on “stirring up the good things” in ones life!! Yes, it is true that some of us make mistakes … and admit them. This is the first step in improving ones relationship with ones SELF! Still others get stuck looking at the mistake and often get caught up in self pity while others try to heap “hell” on their shoulders and back!!! This can get cumbersome, down right uncomfortable even. So, Mary Alessi was suggesting that we NOT stir up the mistakes. But instead, she suggested we stir up the gifts of love and peace and strength. Let’s find and stir up the things that are “right” in your life rather than the things that are NOT. An age old axiom says something like this: “Don’t focus on the problem … focus on the solution!” Of course that is much simpler once we admit that there is a problem. Then, move on!

Sending out good vibrations to all of the youngsters entering school today, wishing them a wonderful school year, as we all know that life has got more twists and turns today than ever. So much to look out for from child predators to bullies at school to unwanted peer pressure often imposed by “friends and associates”! Encourage the kids to stay focused on solutions and to believe that they can find answers to life’s many challenges!

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week! Thanks for reading.


John I. Cook

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