The Tale of Two Cities . . .


It’s Friday, y’all!

This week kind of “hoofed it” by … so it seems! How was yours? School starts Monday here in South Florida. Many lessons for the youngsters to learn, too! The basics – reading, writing and arithmetic – not to mention how to behave. Nowadays, some kids have what appears to be like so much personality. They are learning to “look” like adults but often still lack the proper etiquette … self discipline, in fact!

Much is still going on … both abroad and at home. It all makes my head spin. Yes, I am optimistic … what else would I be?! I always wondered why “man’s inhumanity to man” was not something that we as a civilization take much more seriously. I mean, from time to time, we take a closer look at our environment and try to take measures to “save” it … from ourselves!!! We are so “intelligent” as a species. Yet, we allow things to get to the point where a rabbi is murdered on his way to the synagogue in a residential area … in the middle of the afternoon! I can truly understand why the people in that community want the police to “make an arrest”. Yet, I hope they find the actual person(s) who committed this atrocity. “Welcome to Miami! Bienvenidos a Miami” … It is one city.

Stand your ground has become the most challenged “catch phrase” in the legal arenas, many of which span Florida. So many cases, from Zimmerman to Dunn … to the woman (African American) who fired a warning shot to stop her abusive husband and was given time in jail!!! Now, in Ferguson, MO, the “true colors” of the apparently on-going conflict are coming out there since the demographics changed and African Americans became the predominant ethnic group in the suburb of St. Louis. The young college bound kid had NO weapon. Arguments range from the assertion that the teen “hit” the officer and he had to be taken to the hospital … but was not found to be DEAD!!! Of course, the new image spanning the media in regards to this situation is that the youngster had both hands in the air … and received six shots to his unarmed body. Now, I have a temper myself. It has helped me win basketball games, foot races, even get and stay in shape!! I harness my temper with discipline today. I truly believe that this officer LOST his temper, due to the prevailing environment, his OWN attitude and perception of reality (that the teen’s life didn’t matter!) coupled with his LACK of discipline!!! Many of us walk around like that every day … we just aren’t allowed to carry guns around to whip out when we lose control of ourselves!!! Ferguson … another American city.

Indeed, this is the new “Tale of Two Cities” … peace be still! Is this the underlying current in America?!? How can we change this?!? Will we continue with “man’s inhumanity to man” until we destroy ourselves?!? I’d personally like a better ending to this “story” …. namaste!


John I. Cook

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