Getting It Right

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Happy Monday, All!

Yes, this is the day when we each have to find meaning in our lives … goals we want to reach … projects we want to accomplish! THESE are the things that get us started on a Monday morning, you dig?! I hope that your weekends went well enough that you have awakened refreshed and grateful … for another day.

It was Saturday and I was in Publix supermarket like I often do after yoga and swimming in the morning. I was checking the sandwich selection and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lovely lady with a gentleman and a more mature woman. It was a former student of mine from City College, Fort Lauderdale – Olga Rogova! Olga was not only one of the best students at City College, she also worked with The Ambassador’s Program, which I supervised, whose goal was to increase retention of incoming students. Olga is from the Ukraine, if I remember correctly. She was always so meticulous and helpful with any projects that we had. So, she introduced me to her mother who spoke only Russian, as well as her fiancee – Ali John. He is a nice gent as well! Upon hearing that I had been her instructor at City College and … that I thought the world of her daughter, Olga, she reached out to hug me, right there on the sandwich line at Publix!! Several people were walking by while others may have wondered who we were and what we were doing. We were oblivious to what was going on around us … yes … right there in Publix. This is what life is about … gratitude and sharing! Thanks, Olga … I can see where you get your good graces from!

Over the days since LeBron James decided to return to play for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, there has been a bit of chatter. But as usual, most of us don’t know what we are talking about because we didn’t understand the “Man” – LeBron James! Yes, he helped to bring several championship rings and a few runs for it as well to Miami. He got to rub shoulders with the HEAT organization and the internal dynamics of Pat Riley, Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem, Mickey Arenson, Alonzo Mourning … and others. One thing about the HEAT, and I think LeBron is taking this back with him to Cleveland, is that they look to give back to the community that they reside in. While many teams and players make this effort, I have seen the HEAT go way out to give back. LeBron mentioned in his speech there in Akron, OH this past weekend that, ” …. this isn’t about me and what I want to do for me! This is about the kids!” He, too, has multiple foundations, programs, opportunities and more for today’s youth … right there in Ohio! That’s where he grew up in a single parent home and was able to sort out the drama to pursue his “talents” and take them wherever he wishes! I think he got it right when he made that statement. Miami’s HEAT have enough super stars and organizations and programs for the community, including scholarships for the local kids. Why wouldn’t a super star like LeBron with a plethora of resources at his command want to do the same in his “hometown”?! He does … he made the decision … and I believe he will do it … in style!! Once one gets past making lots of money, one may want to figure out how one can give back!!

In case you’re wondering, today, you have the opportunity to “get it right”, too! Choose your passion, develop it nicely … and share it with others. Have a great day and a wonderful week!


John I. Cook

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