“And Justice for All??!!??” – Part II

Lady Lib

Happy Friday, All!

Well, I am sure you guessed it! I am up for a hearty “T.G.I.F.!!!” Wheww! I have been through some “stuff” these past few weeks. Still, I am grateful that I can handle the situations that come my way well. I mean, bad things happen to good people, too!! Well, I am just jokingly venting. There are some things that I’ve already handled and … some things that I’ve still got ahead!! But I am ready … always thinking and always planning … as best as I can!

The jury found the Michigan man guilty who shot the teen girl in the face with his shotgun because as he said “feared for his life”. As I write this it is hard to say a wrong or a right … but this didn’t seem right to me either! Good call, jury! The POTUS has sent military aid to the victims on the mountain in Iran whom it is purported another terrorist group “ISIL/ISIS” (Islamic state) is holding detained at the top of the mountain. Obama said that we must help avoid this apparent “genocide” … A college kid is on trial for murdering and burying his high school colleague in the Gainesville, FL area and the girlfriend said that the assailant refused to accept the fact that she didn’t want to date him again … I mean … Okay, last one … The family of the graffiti artist young man in Miami who was tased by a Miami Police Department officer is celebrating the one year passing of young Israel. Justice is a tough word nowadays. Can we really achieve it?! I mean, I am not suggesting that we don’t try to get justice for people in tough or unfair situations. I just wish we as the human race could learn to minimize our conflicts … just saying.

In many circumstances, justice seems to elude us … frail-minded humans as we are. The concept of justice “changes”, often for the betterment of humankind. Still, it seems that this occurs only after incident upon incident after incident of INjustice … then we try to seek justice … for all!


John I. Cook

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