Where Are You Going With This?!


Happy Monday, All!

Sum – sum – summertime for REAL, right?! Yes, with all of the hub bub going on in our world, it is hard to figure out ones purpose in life. Some things cause people to want to shift from their original focus or goals in life, which is good when necessary. That requires true awareness and insight into “knowing ones self”! Have you ever said something to someone, or, posted a comment on one of the “new age” communication networks … and gotten comments that were either harsh, off base or almost as if the person who commented had “interpreted” your comments in a way that you didn’t intend them? What does that do to your belief in being able to express yourself?

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to live, I have found that communication is the key to the success of ANY relationship. On the other hand, LACK of communications will surely be the detriment to any relationship as well. I have had people question what I meant in a post or an e-mail or piece like this, and, what “they” thought I was saying was rather different than what I was intending to express. What causes such “misunderstandings”? Some folks don’t care to correct them … they just try to live out their fantasty that “I am always right!” and “I never misunderstand anything!” Oh, how fool hardy can one be! Sometimes, it is easy to see why the “attack” has come your way. Other times, you wonder what this “person” really thinks of you … Is it worth spending hours of your time each day trying to figure out why someone doesn’t like you?! Let’s choose a short answer … no … and then move on!

Yet, there are moments when ones lack of understanding of your intentions can be helpful to … yes, oneself – YOU! Take a moment or two to see if you could have offended anyone, or, if you could have said what you said a bit better. Then, after that, especially if you “know yourself” better than anyone else, let go of what doesn’t serve you and … move on! The journey is oh so short, and not worth spending precious time correcting the love in your heart or the desire to share peace and harmony with others so that some “one” feels better … about themselves … and even YOU! I know, this may be getting a bit deep for some of us, but it is something that I wanted to mention, as it happens to me occasionally. What about you? Do you “know thyself”? Me hopes so! If not, don’t tarry too long, folks!


John I. Cook

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