Keeping Someone In The Past Robs Them of Their Future!


Happy Monday, All!

I know, I know … I was there with you on this wonderful long 4th of July Weekend Celebration! Now, it’s time to saddle up and get moving again! Hello MONDAY!

How were your festivities? I hope all went well for each of you. As I watched the news and saw story after story last night, I realized that it was another “news-filled” weekend … from a kid living in Tampa being in Palestine and getting beaten up and arrested, to a guy swimming in the ocean off Manhattan Beach, California who narrowly escaped being eaten by a Great White Shark that had gotten caught up in some fishing line! Life is a journey . . . no one really knows when it will end for each of us. So, enjoy each day, okay?!

Some folks get caught up in dwelling on the past, which is where most of us learned our most valuable life’s lessons, and cannot see the future for staying focused on something there – in the past! The same happens when someone attempts to move on from their past and create a better future for themselves, their loved ones … and the world … and someone or something tries to keep them caged up in their past! Now I know my taste in music varies and some of you might even be surprised at me. But there is a female vocalist who calls herself “Frou Frou” that sings somewhat Bohemia-type melodies with some interesting messages. One song called “Let Go!” is often played by our Saturday morning yoga teacher as part of her playlist for class. I now play it often, too. I often wait on my mat in a particular pose until I hear it near the end of class and it sparks a fire in my heart! A good flame, that is! Yet, it is not the first time I have heard that concept – Let Go! In fact, the first time I heard it was in a catch phrase or logo type mantra, “Let go and let God!” Hopefully, your God is a gracious one.

Nowadays, people like to talk about the past to wallow in it or to smush someone’s face in their past … regardless as to how long ago it was, and, regardless as to how far they have come from their past! Can you really “judge” someone based on their past? Or do we need to take a look at events SINCE then? Methinks that the more up-to-date view may serve us well, too. Try to break away from the past with sayings like, “Oh! He’ll never change!” or “She always does (says) that!” This may limit that person from moving forward, especially if your negativity is more “enticing” than a simple humble life style. You guys probably know already, but, yoga for me is a lifestyle. It is not just a series of exercises!! One of my favorite expressions that I first heard at the end of a yoga class initially struck me as kind of crass! Once I took a closer look at it, and, a closer look at myself, I understood: “Let go of whatever does not serve you in a positive way!” What do you think?

Have a great day, and a super week!


John I. Cook

“To Form A More Perfect Union . . .”

We the people

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

We have reached July 2014 already and there is so much going on … world wide!! Have you ever caught yourself in that moment wondering what you REALLY want to do with your life? Have you ever wondered what YOU would do if this “world order” came to a screeching halt?! Where would we go? What would we do … for food … for gas … for safe shelter?!? Most of us don’t want to think that “far ahead” … as we bask in the sunlight of “the land of the free, the home of the brave”?! Would we come together more as did the people at the Boston Marathon Massacre?! Would we help each other as we did with the bombing of the World Trade Center on “9/11” as well as the aborted damage to the White House/Pentagon with the horrific and historical plane crash there, too?!

The American flag with it’s “Stars and Stripes” gives us something to rally around … even when our national team lost yesterday in the World Cup Match against Belgium! Yet, if we have two basketball teams playing against each other or two American football teams playing against each other, some of us literally lose our minds cheering for one team and putting down the other!! How about our last two presidential elections where a person from a race or ethnic groups not so common sought to represent the nation and was called racial slurs and threatened to be killed or deported?! Can this same “nation” come together in the face of an emergency … world wide?! Have we really formed a “more perfect union” or do we have more homework to be done?! I mean, with so much going on, it is hard to focus anywhere … let a lone, make a difference, and a positive one at that.

I often try to be the best that I can be and to share those “good feelings” of contentment with others even while being in circumstances that are not so comfortable or pleasing! In fact, oftentimes, the situations are down right difficult!! Yet, I still seek to smile, to be positive, to make a difference for the better in my own life each day. If I am given the opportunity to touch someone else’s life … in a positive way … I do that, too. While as a nation, we have received much criticism and often contradict ourselves with a discrepancy in our motto versus our behavior, I am fairly content living here . . . though I wouldn’t know where else I could go if faced with such a decision! Besides, the journey is one tied to our inner being … our souls and our spirits. Thus, no matter where we go, there we will find ourselves … again and again and again!

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans! And yes, on that day, which is also my father’s birthday, I will wear my commemorative shirt from “9/11” which says, “Proud to be an American”!


John I. Cook

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