“Never Can Say Good-Bye . . .”

Baldwin Bye

Happy Hump Daaaaayyy, YEAH!!!

Another Wednesday visits us and we must let it in … in to our lives, that is! I always enjoy a good song with a good melody, and of course, excellent lyrics are paramount for me. Often, I prefer the music with NO lyrics so I can “think what I think”! Yet, a tune like “Never Can Say Good-bye!” is a classic that has been done by singer and jazz master alike. The love ballad rings so true when one is having a relationship or friendship that is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak!

So, many of you know that I have started the tutoring component of Educational Excellence up again. The free lance writing for newspapers that I did like the “MiamiTimesOnLine” hit a barrier once my only contact left their publishing house and moved to the Maryland area. While keeping the blog going and these posts, I was fortunate enough to be referred to a tutoring component by my landlord, Mitchell. It has given me the opportunity to network with clients looking for tutors for subjects ranging from guitar playing to preparation for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination to life skills, if you will. I have had a few students come and go, for various reasons. Yet, there is one student out of the two “long term-ers” whose family and me just “gelled”, so to speak. At first the father, of Iranian descent, had contacted me because he felt something “spiritual” when he looked at my photograph in my WyzAnt portfolio. We talked a bit, he informed me of what he and his son were looking for in a tutor, and I offered a visit to meet he and his family, including the dog, “Coqui”, before formal sessions were to start. It was like magic!! We all fell in love with each other … including the dog, “Coqui”! What a wonderful feeling … what a wonderful world!

So, the father’s business is taking him to South Carolina and they have purchased a new home there and are tying up the last items at their home. The father, David, is such a warm soul. He not only gave me a Japanese made kimono (robe), but also offered to give me … yes … give me … some fantastic birch wood furniture!! Every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning, Daniel and I would meet to discuss current events, write essays, talk about places he and his lovely family, including his charming mother from Paraguay and his two talented sisters, had traveled to. Our first few meetings seemed to go by like a blur as we traveled thousands of spiritual miles into each others lives, honing and tweaking English writing skills, including vocabulary and grammar, as well as touching on some heart warming topics like “family”. In fact, Daniel’s final essay is about “What He Likes About His Family”! Almost sounds like my senior thesis for Princeton’s sociology department, “A Critique of Studies of the Black Family”. We had talked about meeting up and doing something, Daniel and me, but his mother had the best idea of all – “Guess who is staying for dinner?!” Yep, it was me! We had a fantastic shrimp scampi dinner last night … their whole family together around the dining room table … and ME, and of course, “Coqui”!!! Daniel will be entering his last year or so of high school in South Carolina and his sisters, Camilla and Sophia, have identified ballet programs and soccer programs, respectively. Dinner last night was something from the divine … spiritually imbibing, if you will! I felt so appreciated as the father, David, held a toast to “our” meeting.

The last class is Saturday morning … and … I … “never can say good-bye”!


John I. Cook

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