It’s Alright!

It's Alright

Happy Monday, All …

Yes, I know … I had a restful wonderful sleep last night, too! Thankful for that. Yet, upon waking up this morning, I had to tell myself, “Oh, it’s alright!” Nothing in particular, and, everything at the same time. It’s just one of those days, folks!

The interview on blog radio with Franklin Lewis on “Donnyds Words of Wisdom” Saturday night went well. In fact, Raphael Ventura Rosa sent me an e-mail afterwards saying that he had heard the program and that we should do a follow up. My old college chum running partner Vetalle Fusilier out of DC said he had heard the last few minutes of it, too. Though the link was posted on my Facebook page, I had a challenge getting the recording to “roll”. Maybe you will have more luck if you want to listen to it. Still, thank you guys for your support.

As the summer days continue to come and go, I began to pay more attention to how I spend my spare time. Now, it is not a lot of spare time, but I try to spend it doing some simple things for myself. Maybe reading or writing, even walking around the beach as I did yesterday afternoon. A good friend, Stokely, is in town and we decided to get together a week or so after his mother’s passing, and, as they try to tie things up. So, we cruised the Strip with the top down in his car listening to some tunes on the radio. Once we had found a parking space, we walked around the area near Las Olas and A-1-A, even Beach Place, and so many people were out enjoying themselves. I remember how we used to spend the summers in White Plains when I was growing up and it was always a treat to go to a swimming pool and even more radical to go to the beach! Many of my summers were spent either working or in summer camp in Upstate New York or at the Salvation Army’s Summer Programs, The City of White Plains Parks and Recreation Dept. activities and some weekend days at Saxon Woods Public Pool! Now I have the chance to go to the beach so very often … and it’s FREE … except for parking!!!

Maybe if you start your Monday out with a little mantra like, “It’s alright!”, everything will indeed, be alright! Don’t make it too complicated today. Just enjoy the simple fact that we are alive today.

Be well!


John I. Cook

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