Sometimes, We Have to Take Our Time . . .

take your time

Happy Friday, y’all …

I’m still going to say T.G.I.F. though it is tough for me today. Just watching the news … for what it is worth … is so crazy that I am like wondering how much worse can this massive turmoil and violence go on … and spread, even?! Can it be that a passenger plane got shot out of the sky by a military strength missile?!? And it was true that three teens were kidnapped from Israel by who claimed to be the Hamas terrorist organization??! … and then killed!! And then Israeli police beat three other teens for purportedly throwing projectiles at them. The Palestinian kid from Tampa is back home now. And people are leaving kids in their cars . . . while they go to work … or a beauty salon … or a casino?!? I mean, what has happened to priorities in this world … or have we lost them completely or mostly … or whatever!! Let’s wish Nelson Mandela a Happy Birthday, then …

I’ve been feeling rather quirky as I try to “figure some things out” but not a worried type of quirkiness. As I look around the wider world, I get a bit melancholy. I wonder if we’ll snap out of some of the things that are clearly wrong out here. I don’t have the answers for anyone except myself and … I wonder about those sometimes!!! Well, I am still planning on hanging around and doing some things, maybe making things better, and make a difference until my number is called!! In fact, this Saturday, I mentioned this already … I will be doing a blog radio interview with Franklin Lewis who will be out in Los Angeles. We go on at 8pm Pacific Time and 11pm EST … East coast … and if you want to listen or comment, feel free to chime in at: 646-595-3338. I haven’t done one of these interviews in a while, and, thanks to Ms. Elecia James again, who connected Mr. Lewis and me, I get to do it again! It’s the little things that keep me happy …. And uh … thanks for reading!


John I. Cook

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