The Side Effects Are Worse Than The Symptoms!

More Side Effects

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

As if I hadn’t noticed … it’s Wednesday already! Seems like it was just Monday yesterday … Silly, right?! Sometimes, the days run together and appear to pick up velocity even!! Of course, that can’t be possible. But, it could be because we are doing what we like to do!!! And, that thing we like to do is something we are good at, and, it doesn’t hurt people! In fact, it may even help a few folks! That’s how I always felt when I taught classes with 30 or so students in my classes at White Plains High School! But let me tell you something, amongst that group of “former students” have come some of the best, coolest, most progressive young people I’ve ever met. Some of them are now parents, musicians, police officers, business persons … even writers and broadcasters! I am pretty sure that they like what they do. How about you?!?

Over the past few years, as I continue to mature, and even thinking back to my mother’s bout with Alzheimer’s Disease, I have noticed that elderly folks rely so much on medications and their life lines are almost if not completely linked to the pharmaceutical industry. Most of us know the history and the power of “Big Pharm” aka the pharmaceutical industry, and how so much money is wrapped up in to it. Yet, many of us kind of ignore the side effects of this industry’s “products”!!! When I hear a commercial for erectile dysfunction where the stuff you’re supposed to take “…. may lead to internal bleeding, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and partial paralysis …”, I am like “Whaaaat?!! Do I REALLY want to take this?!” Society is very much the same, folks. Okay, so … you had an argument with your spouse and the police were called?! Okay, “we” are going to give you 2 years probation and adjudication withheld!! Something similar may happen again in that time … with your ex-wife or her new boyfriend … or to a “friend of her friend” … and you were involved!!! Now, you’ve got a “criminal background”!!! The penal institutions are also “an industry”, in case you haven’t noticed. And, indeed, the side effects are worse than the symptoms!!! One is scarred for LIFE!!! Enter “self definition” …. and you’ve got to be good at this!

Many of you know that I have self-published two books, and you can find them below this message by clicking on the link to the “Know Thyself” website. (If you are on this blog page, go to “Publications” above.) Both books focus on the “side effects” of the industry of penal institutions. And that is just from MY point of view, which is very “advantaged”, so to speak! I feel sorry for the people who can’t get a job after some criminal activity, as society calls it, and resort to MORE criminal activity to survive in a capitalist country where they have been excluded from participation … because of their previous “criminal activity” … and they are often forced back into this said activity!!! I had a conversation the other day about the challenges that I face and how one “can’t believe” that I struggle with gainful employment over TEN YEARS after completing my “treatment”/(punishment) as issued by society … and am STILL excluded from “gainful employment”!!! Believe it … or not!

Saturday evening at 11PM EST/8PM PT, I will be doing a blog radio interview with Mr. Franklin Lewis out of Los Angeles, California to discuss my first book, “From the Projects to Princeton”. I still haven’t lost sight of my goal to write my third book in spite of obstacles and obligations!! Yet, Ms. Elicia James, a former student from White Plains, has connected me with Franklin Lewis, a blog talk radio producer, so that we may do a revitalization talk focusing on my journey, “From the Projects to Princeton”. You can listen in by dialing: “6465953338” at 11PM sharp EST this Saturday coming! I will remind you all, and feel free to inquire further with me! In the meantime, watch those side effects, folks!!!


John I. Cook

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