Wouldn’t You Rather Know?!

Jesus Knows

It’s Monday ….

Yes, another gift to each of us able to read this. Please try not to take these days for granted. Yes, I just celebrated a birthday and it gave rise to a bit of reflection that I hadn’t anticipated. I wanted to have a quiet birthday, friends to be around for a while, and time for myself to see how I had grown, and, to select the next steps. One person amongst the many who wished me a happy birthday stated it as being a “true new year” . . . believe it . . . or not! Very interesting way of looking at things, I might add, like ones own birthday.

This topic comes from the idea that there is so much going on nowadays, so much information being disseminated and so much to choose from to “believe”, that it gets overwhelming from time to time. It is in those precise moments, one should “know oneself” . . . what one may do in certain circumstances. It is where the main logo of Educational Excellence comes in, to know thyself, so you can make a good well thought out decision in the midst of a crisis! Not only that, but what makes you “tick”, so to speak?! I am sure that most of the readers here know what makes me tick, as I am doing it right now, and some of you are reading . . . right now! Thanks so much! Things that are close to my heart and are worth sharing with others who may have similar hearts, be they (persons) understood or not. We all like to understand things that are important to us, so, I would rather “know”!

I have watched this new program called “The Sixties” being presented on one of the networks and this past weekend’s one blew me away! They have had specials on “The Beatles”, a popular music group from England who took America by storm at that time. I even saw one focusing on the assassination of JFK, which was heart-wrenching when they replayed the videotape of the side of his head being blown away that day in Dallas, TX! This past weekend showed incredible footage of “The Freedom Riders”, who rode buses in to local terminals to stage non-violent protests against segregation practices in the Deep South like Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee! This footage showed them practice “sit ins” at lunch counters and entering previously “White Only!” entrances and locations. Then, they showed the footage of angry mobs of whites armed with steel pipes and baseball bats waiting for the group of mixed youth – white, black, hispanic, Jew and gentile – getting attacked by these weapon-wielding mobs! As I watched the footage of them being beaten, I actually held different parts of my body as I visualized what that must have been like!!! Unarmed youth being attacked in this manner seemed at least “barbaric” … here in our America … just fifty years ago!!! Segregation was ultimately ended after federal troops were called into certain cities that challenged the permeation of the Jim Crow laws as African Americans sought to vote, attend colleges and integrate public schools … here in “our” America … just fifty short years ago. I was ten . . . I remember when . . . just fifty short years ago.

Segregation is now illegal and true, there has been an African American in the White House for nearly 8 years now! All of this, may we never forget, literally built upon by the blood and broken bones, the humiliating beatings and torturings and ultimate death of many of these “Freedom Riders” … just fifty short years ago. I am humbled and promise that in this “new year” of my life to continue to advocate peace, in as many circles as possible, as well as seek to raise the consciousness of those affiliated with Educational Excellence. God willing, I may even get this third book done this second half of 2014 . . . just saying!

Have a great day, don’t take it for granted, and be kind to each other!


John I. Cook

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