“The Drama Is Perfect!”

my birthday

Happy Friday, All!

It is quite a special one for me … for various reasons. May I be so humble as to say T.G.I.F.?! So, there … I did it!! How about you? Now, you can say what you want, but I don’t know many … correction … ANY people who created themselves, you dig?! There is a power greater than any one of us … perhaps … even all of us together!

As I approach another birthday, do the math if you wish, it is pretty impressive for me! I mean, I have always been a “hopeless romantic” of sorts, and, not just with relationships … but with LIFE! In other words, I have always believed that people can “all get along” if we simply adopt a different set of values as paramount guide for how we should live. The competition, the strife often yields to disrespect and pret’ near narcissism. People don’t seem to know how to handle the “element of competition” that originally was designed to heighten excellence. But nowadays, the competition is so acute, that one human thinks “it” is better than another human for rather superficial reasons. We take education, we take money, we take property … and make it a “god”! We will sacrifice our children, our parents, our health or values … just to say we “won” something or we have “more of something” than another human being! To me, this is not so romantic.

Over the years, I have learned and grown … and continue to remain humble enough to be teachable … to coexist with just about any other human being on the Earth. There are more types of people I may still need to “meet”, so to speak, before I can say that I have passed that test! Yet, I keep an open mind … This is the core of my romanticism … co-existence. Yet, when I look around and see how humans have gotten wrapped up in “out doing”, damaging … even killing each other … romantic ideas get challenged. As I have improved my own spirituality, I am better equipped to handle “the drama”! There were times when I had romanticized parenthood, friendship and yes … co-existence. Now, I KNOW that there is much disappointment in store for anyone who doesn’t embrace the simple fact that “the drama is perfect”! Now, I have borrowed this phrase from a person who has become a dear friend whom I met through other “friends” with the Brahma Kumaris. They never asked me to convert to anything nor read any book or accept anyone as my god. I first met Marianne Weiss at a job interview and she informed me of the existence of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University and I began to meet other people. I was given the opportunity to do a book review of both of my books at the Miami Center of the BK through networking with Marianne. Soon, I met Roz Reich, who is still a member of the Educational Excellence e-mail family, and she reached out to me since we live in Broward County. I even took a weekend “foundations course” with Ganga at her home in Miramar, FL for perhaps 6 hours when she took time to explain the major component of the BK. I didn’t feel threatened, nor pressured … nor brainwashed to think or believe anything! I attended several weekend meditations and began to embrace my spiritual self. They taught me Raja yoga meditation techniques and I also embraced that.

This coming Sunday, on my birthday, the finals of the FIFA World Cup will be taking place … and … I am planning to attend a beach meditation in Hollywood with the BK Hollywood meditation group. I am excited, and, I suspect that the full moon rising is no coincidence to my 60th birthday!!! I am humbled and honored, grateful and proud, focused and spiritual. The journey is continuing to unfold, and, as Roz said a few weeks ago … “the drama is perfect”!


John I. Cook

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