” . . . To Thine Own Self, Be True!”

This above all

Happy Monday, All!

“Yes, indeedy!” As my friend, “Petey” used to say!

It is another day of YOUR life! What will you do with it?! Will you squander it and make believe you’re upset that it is Monday? What day would you like it to be? Now, is that realistic … for everyday to be Saturday?! Not to worry, I have that same thought sometimes myself!

Human kind has been around for a while, apparently. So, some modes of behavior, if not most (or all!), have been around for a while. Take lying, for example! Now this is something that my father used to detest in us! He also didn’t like us going around talking negative about people and circumstances. So, naturally, I developed a kind of “phobia” for liars, phonies and negative people. For me, if a person tries to be the best that they can be, how much more can “we” ask? Yet, there are some who choose to try to “turn” others in to what they want, in to what they feel more comfortable with, even if they have to tell a lie on that person. You know, those kind of people that go around spreading their negative energy and poison to as many unsuspecting souls as possible … or that will “buy” their crap! I have had enough times when I “bumped up against myself” and realized that some changes had to be made.

From time to time, when faced with these kinds of inconsistencies in life, when someone tells a lie on you, or someone tells you a lie and … of course … you find out the truth, what do you do with the relationship that you had or have with that person? They are obviously in “denial” about something, upset about something, too. Enter “Mike George” 101! Do you guys remember the author and motivational speaker that I went to see with the Brahma Kumaris over a week ago?! Yes, he said: “The people who want to key the side of your car are here for a reason, too! Have compassion for them!” Now, I used to get really mad when people would stand in my face (or talk on the phone or text, as is most common today) and tell me a lie … a bold faced lie at that!! I used to think it was disrespectful for another person to stand in your face and try to get you to believe an “untruth”! I usually tell the truth because I feel better when I do … about myself! I want to live in as much a reality, given there are usually at least two (the one within and the one on the outside), as I possibly can. “We hold these truths to be self evident! That all men are created equal . . .” and so on and so on … and so on!

I like William Shakespeare’s words: “This above all, to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man.” Though many folks nowadays are clueless, this quote from Hamlet can be self therapy, if taken for what it’s worth. This quote is also proof of how long … how many years … have humans been lying to each other! This is a practice that while I do not condone it, I am learning to have compassion for the”liar”! I am seeking to learn my lesson from the person who seeks to deceive me … for whatever reason. It may be difficult, especially if the liar is a person you have come to know, tried to trust, and maybe even be friends with. Take a few steps back, and be true to yourself!


John I. Cook

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