“Says WHO?”


Happy Friday, All!

My usual thought upon opening my eyes are always, “Thank you!” I fell asleep last night thinking the same thing … So … T.G.I.F. must be in order as well!

In our world today with social media, newspapers and television, it seems “everybody” has an opinion. And “everyone” is always correct!! Some people are never wrong … and never give up being wrong either! An opinion is one thing, but to try to force ones opinion as fact is treacherous. Think about young people who are raised to think about women a certain way? How about children who are raised to think about a particular race or ethnic group in a certain way? How are statistics used to distort our reality or even create one that we can not justify? What do we do when we don’t feel good about the way we see things going on in our world today?

There was a mass shooting in Miami’s Liberty City earlier this week at like 2am in the morning. A memorial was held yesterday. The authorities think that it was a drug deal gone wrong or “something stupid”, as a representative for the Miami Dade police said. It seems that someone knows something … but no one wants to say anything … for fear of their lives!! Is this the kind of world we live in, at least in Liberty City?! I hear all the rumors about where LeBron James is going to play and why as well as that Speaker Boehner is going to sue President Obama for not carrying out his duties in accord with the law during his presidency!!! Can you say “Taxpayer’s money?!” It seems that everybody has their own “take” on everything … which is okay … but those “takes” are often negative!!! I have heard that there are some people who refuse to watch television news, as it often upsets them. Then, I think of my father who was basically self-taught to read, and was never a very good writer. He used to make everyone in the family be quiet when the evening news came on with Walter Cronkite, one of his favorite newscasters. One thing that I have learned to embrace in teaching or any form of sharing of information is to encourage people to think on their own!

Don’t always take what you hear someone say as law or “dogma” until you have done your own research. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and develop your own opinion. It seems it is easier for some folks to let “others” do their thinking, and this may be so. Just don’t always accept the easy way out!

Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!


John I. Cook

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