Getting Things Done . . . Simply!


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

It seems like it was just a few days ago when I had a birthday … Don’t worry, it is not today … but next month. I have to admit that I still make mistakes. Not only in spelling sometimes in these e-mails or some basic grammar. Sometimes, I make mistakes in the “facts” … not intentionally though. So in Monday’s e-mail/blog post, I mistakenly assumed that Sacka Grifo, a friend whom I met in cyberspace, since her ideas and posts attracted me in a simple way, was from my hometown. So, she wrote me back asking me if I was from Montclair, NJ … to which the answer is obviously “no” … But she was nice about it, as she helped me correct a thought that I had. Yet, we do share the same birthday … same day, different year! She is a happily married Soul Star … and friend!

Here of late, I have had to deal with a lot of changes … nothing new for most of us. Yet, I continue to try to get these e-mails out and continue “being me”. Now, this morning upon waking up, a strong sensation of mentioning my landlord here where I live, “Mitch”, came to my mind. It is not my place to go into the depth and parameters of our friendship, both professional and personal, as he is an avid writer, too! But, if it were not for him, these e-mails wouldn’t be going out! As I have struggled with my changes with losses of jobs and incomes, keeping costs of things … goods and services like Comcast and Florida Power and Light … in decent standing and as up to date as possible, he has been a quiet supporter of my attempts at handling my challenges. I thank you, Mitch, and I know it is because you are allowing me to embrace my passion along this journey. Sincerely, thank you!

As the summer is pulling in to it’s “parking space” (or just space!) in our lives, many of us prepare for even more changes in our life styles. I have one student that I have been working with whose family is moving to South Carolina. We have developed quite the spiritual bond! This is something that can only be orchestrated by divine spiritual love and presence. There is a care that develops when people truly accept each other and work at understanding each other … with simplicity! The talk that Mike George gave this past Sunday at Unity on the Bay still resonates within me as it covered something that I have often struggled with, came up with my own solution of detachment as I had learned in 12 step self help programs, and implemented it as often as necessary so as to NOT let society define me as “a skin color” or “a mistake I made” or a “mishap I experienced”. Most of the people who have done some atrocious things, like the mass shooting in an apartment complex in Miami yesterday morning at around 5am where 80 rounds were fired in maybe two minutes leaving two dead and numerous people injured and frightened to near death, took something way too personally. Their concept of “self” took on a monstrosity of a meaning and they apparently felt that they were larger than life, the problem they sought to solve had to involve taking someone’s life … peace be still!

I can give so much credit to having learned to keep it simple and embrace the simplicity of life as others seek to complicate it beyond comprehension! Mike George provided a paradigm (model) to illustrate how we allow “things” and “events” to become our SELVES!! Jessica Fein’s rendition of India Arie’s song, “I Am Light!”, captured it so well. We indeed are NOT those things that we possess … We are NOT just the color of our skin! We each do NOT have to be limited by the conditions we may find ourselves in … we indeed are light!! Keep it simple, folks. It is the true art of living. Ask for help when we need it … say “thank you” when we get it. Pay it forward when we can … Be well … and have a wonderful Hump Day!


John I. Cook

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