“Who Do You Serve?”


It’s Monday . . .

Yes, yes, it is another day to serve your Creator!! How might one do that? Look around and one can see numerous opportunities to do so. Here’s to hoping all you “Dads” out there had a very Happy Pappy’s Day! The weekend itself was quite a challenge as I had to sort through obligations to others while seeking to care for myself … and my Creator!

How often do we get caught up in serving “things”? How often do we get caught up in serving our “egos”? You know, a self-help program says that the EGO is ultimately “easing God out”! What do you think of that? I have to often check myself as I seek to handle situations in my life. So, Father’s Day for me was spent pretty much alone though I did go to the 11am service at Calvary Chapel in order to seek a message that might help me handle some of the challenges I face personally. I mean, we all face them. Oftentimes, we can pretend we don’t have them while looking at others with challenges … to make us feel better for a few moments. I try very hard NOT to serve that monster known as the “ego”, as it is often simply self centered. The service was a great opportunity for me to hear a positive message regarding “who I serve”, as discussed by Bob Barnes, Director at Sheridan House in Hollywood, FL. They take youngsters in who may be single parent mothers with no support groups or youth who have been labeled “at risk” for a variety of reasons. These youngsters still attend school with a tremendous support group from Sheridan House, many whom are on their school campuses to be able to respond to immediate needs. Mr. Barnes left us with the notion that we can serve our God by helping each other … and ourselves to become the best that we can be!

The rest of the day I had spent washing and drying clothes for this week as I usually do on Sundays, and, I had the opportunity to attend the Brahma Kumaris of Hollywood’s monthly “World Peace Meditation” with like minded souls. Sister Veronica, the leader of the Florida Brahma Kumaris came and spoke most profoundly on the subject of serving others with our peace … sharing it even! Has that ever crossed your mind? Or is it too full of egotistical stuff that you may want to impose on others? It is a very fine line between ourselves and others and we must be cognizant of that as well. This coming Sunday, June 22 at 5:30PM at Unity on the Bay Miami, author and lecturer Mike George will speak on his book entitled, “Being Yourself”! For more information, if you’d like to attend, call (305) 442-2252. A special thanks to Roz Reich who gave the “fathers” present at the Meditation a framed photo of the “light” with the inscription: “Peace . . . A Thought Away.”

Have a great Monday, all!


John I. Cook

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