Positive Self Talk

self talk

Hello Monday! Hello All!

Here’s to hoping you took advantage of the opportunity to have had another weekend on your hands. I certainly tried!! Even when things are spinning out of control, I seek to tell myself that it will be okay . . . Peace be still!

Yesterday, I was rummaging through some things I had stored in the a/c closet in my flat and came across a bag with some wall hanging like pictures and plaques, as well as some support materials for book-signing events. I saw a dark colored plaque with the words, “In Appreciation, Professor John I. Cook, For Your Outstanding Dedication and Leadership, Personal Development, Spring 2002”. It didn’t have the school logo on it where I was teaching at the time since the students in my class THEMSELVES decided to award me this plaque … from each of them. They had taken up a collection and had the plaque made for me without the endorsement of the college and awarded it to me on the last day of classes in the Spring of 2002. It was City College, Fort Lauderdale, FL where I had taught for three years and run the “international student office”, The Ambassadors Club and had even hit a brick wall in my personal life then! I was so moved by the students of that class … and apparently … they felt the same way about me.

It is interesting to see how “people” talk so negatively about someone that they “just don’t like”, usually because they are so good at what they do – like LeBron James. Here is a man who when he got dehydrated in an NBA PlayOff game had more “negative” things said about him than positive. Yet, he ignored the naysayers, who couldn’t probably perform like him ONE day in their lives, reconditioned, spoke positively to himself, and finally … spoke positively to the media about his whole right side cramping up during the game in San Antonio when the air conditioning unit broke down during a packed house. Very few comments came about how a facility like that could have their a/c unit break down … during the NBA Finals. Most of the comments came aimed at LeBron and the HEAT with negative connotations about both … I mean, when people suffer and struggle, there are those “around town” who choose to throw more trash on the heap of challenges already being faced by all involved …

Take a moment to tell yourself something good today . Facing challenges are opportunities for growth and learning how to overcome them, for we all … yes, we all have challenges … whether we want to tell anybody about them or not! For me, sharing my challenges often times makes them less powerful, reduces their impact on me, and does not ONLY fall on my shoulders … so it seems. Other people take it as far as utilizing positive self talk and visualization to handle such situations rather than the constant fear of the unknown. So, while you’ve a chance today to say something positive to yourself … or someone else for that matter … Just Do It!


John I. Cook

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