“As Good As It Gets . . . .”

being alone

Happy Monday, All ….

It could be worse, right …? I mean, you could NOT be reading this … or anything else for that matter! Any given moment can be an opportunity to feel grateful for people, things in our lives … even grateful for being ourselves! Some time ago, I had created a post about gratitude. It is one of the lessons of life that comes back to me over and over again. What is it that we need to be truly happy? What do we need to be grateful? Is it a person, a place or a thing … other than ourselves?!? Maybe a great relationship with our “Creator” might do it!

In an advanced society like ours today, we tend to overlook the little things, the most important things, and we take so much for granted. We take our planet for granted … We often take each other for granted … Some of us even take our LIVES for granted, as if someTHING owes us something!! How much food does one have to eat to be “full” or content? How far does one have to travel to be able to say, “I had a nice trip!” Where does one have to go in order to feel like, “Now, I have really been somewhere!!!” I still think back to the Rodgers kid whose mother sought help for him before he lost control and actually carried out his deadly deeds … peace be still. Some of us don’t really know how to handle rejection; some of us take it personally. Some of us don’t know how to handle a “temporary defeat”, because as long as we are breathing, we have another chance at this thing called “life”! How much of what does one have to possess to say, “I am rich!” Do you know how to be alone? Do all the bells and whistles have to be about you or something you did? Do you crave attention? Can you survive if certain people don’t speak to you or notice you and make you feel like you count? These are some tough questions that I usually answer for myself … when I am alone! If, when I am done thinking about something, I feel that I need some feed back, encouragement or advice, I seek someone who knows me … is familiar with my goals in life, the challenges I have faced … and from someone who still respects me and my purpose in life! Did you ever wonder about what direction “civilization” is going on? Tough question, right?!

I seek to open “doors”, so to speak that one may have never thought about … Or, open ourselves up to thinking about things that we do NOT want to think about. Who or what says that what we do every day is the right thing? How would you feel if you found out later today that something you believed to be “correct” was actually “not correct”? Are you able to change it? Do you think you might need help to handle it? Do you know where to get that help? So many questions … so little time to answer them in! I enjoy my “alone” time more nowadays than ever. Growing up, I had often been alone though I had three siblings. It was the age difference that kind of set me off … I couldn’t run with the “Big Dogs” often, so they chose to leave the “little dog” at home!!! I learned to play games, entertain myself, I had pets like turtles and gold fish … even a few hamsters. I really enjoyed listening to music on the stereo console in the living room while laying on the floor with a pillow as my mother had finished her house chores, my siblings played outside with friends and while my father worked. Even to this day, I cherish those moments … of being alone … and figuring some things out!

Be well, have a wonderful day, and a spectacular week!


John I. Cook

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