” . . . and Another Slips Through The Cracks!”

elliot rogers

It’s Hump Day again, y’all!

How’s it going for “youse”!? Hopefully, you all don’t mind if and when I get a little silly … ’cause there is something heavy on my heart. And … NO … I am not in love again!

For me, it is amazing how people forget things … things that they themselves did to someone in the past! Then, they forget what the terms were of an agreement simply because they may have had ulterior motives in “lending a hand”. Finally, “they” just show out … trying to get all the attention and apparent self-worth that they missed understanding in the first place, as well as all the attention they are craving! What causes this syndrome? Is it society’s fault that some individuals find their self worth in the suffering of others?! Is that NOT abnormal?! How many people thought that Memorial Day was all about them … where they went, what they wore, how far they went and who they saw?! If you took a survey, there were many people who got wrapped up in themselves on Memorial Day and forgot about the women and men who help to keep this “way of life” safe and secure – The Armed Forces. Now, of course, this is a “free” society based on the concept of “freedoms”. But do we take these “freedoms” too far sometimes, wearing what we want, saying what we feel like without thinking, hurting others so one feels better about themselves?

Elliot Rogers had no reason to kill people … his peers … at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He had everything … THINGS!!! But he had no spirit, no conscience … few values, if any, left in his mind to entertain. He said he was hurt, rejected, made fun of, joked about, ignored … and still a virgin!!!! Is THIS what this deadly massacre was all about?!? Not getting or having sex?!? In looking at Elliot’s photos, I noticed a handsome young man with a nice BMW and some cool shades … and a father who is a very successful movie producer!! That, right there, is enough of a “chic magnet” to get girls to come around him. But, there must have been something missing inside – self esteem, perhaps … self respect … self love even! Where did Elliot lose sight of his future? Was it when … complaining through out the video … he witnessed a couple kissing on a park bench near the Pacific Ocean … that he claims “interrupted his beautiful scenic view” of the ocean?!?

Not only was this young man troubled as evidenced by his posting of various videos on YouTube in which he threatened to ” … kill every sorority girl, spoiled and stuck up sluts … ” that he could find in that house. And his mother called the authorities once again upon receiving his over 100 paged “manifesto”. I mean, the mother had called “them” before … and “they” let the ball drop after deciding that his behavior was NOT enough to worry about him committing any violence though he clearly stated it in the videos. So “they” allowed all of this to happen, while his divorced parents got together again to try to save the troubled youth’s life!!! How do you think they felt? How do you think his MOTHER felt, knowing that she had tried to warn them over and over as he sought professional help for 10 years!!! Why didn’t “they” admit him to a psychiatric hospital? Was it because of his father’s image in society as a successful film maker?! … or WHAT?! Elliot almost carried out his “sick” dream, though the girls were taking proper precautions and did not open their door at the sorority house. Still, one innocent young man’s life was claimed in front of a delicatessen where people ran and huddled, hiding in the aisles as gunfire erupted over and over outside! The young man’s father sought to blame “the government” for his son’s death … not those other “folks” that I referred to as “they” earlier …. you know, the ones whom Elliot’s mother contacted when threats of violence seemed to escalate from her son. The “child” was crying out for help … peace be still!

Hard to have a Happy Hump Day on this note, but me and Educational Excellence seek to continue to profess in a loud yet peaceful voice … “STOP the Violence” … please!


John I. Cook

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