Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

urban beach

Happy Friday, All! I am not going to hesitate to T.G.I.F.!!! I have my reasons! What about you?!

Big Big Weekend coming up across these “United States of America”! Wow!!! When I take a few steps back and look at what’s going on in so many areas, I am in awe at how people choose to live! Clearly, the adventure spirit captures my attention … skydivers or paratroopers … science and holistic living … these kind of things keep me interested nowadays. I embrace spirituality … the acknowledgement of it and my personal efforts to develop my own … and seek to explore as much as possible and share … for me! “Know Thyself!” is an important motto of Educational Excellence. Now I know some of you read these e-mails often and others send a response from time to time. I appreciate this. It is the “little things” today that show me what to value in my life! A balanced humility and love of life is also a requirement for me. I feel more comfortable when these elements exist in my life as I meet and mix with others.

Okay, okay … enough philosophy … or my attempt at it! This weekend is going to be a serious “Beach Bash” in Miami Beach. I mean, if I am not mistaken, it is “Urban Weekend” as well as Memorial Day Weekend so … I think it is going to be a big party … a lot of parties … more celebrations … and lots of festivities honoring this nation’s military – both past and present … perhaps even the future. I mean, I know we are “going nuts” on each other in the country … honestly we are! But there is still remaining perhaps remnants of the security of celebratory events, national events like this weekend, but it seems that we as a nation take many precautions nowadays. I asked one of my students that I tutor to research how many death threats were received by President Obama since he has been in office! He was astounded by the large number! I heard of a story of an actor … honestly his name escapes me … a “brother” who has been rather successful appearing on sitcoms and movies … gosh! What is his name??? Anyway, he (ah! got it now!) … Michael Jace … was purportedly arguing with his wife regarding finances when he shot her in their LA home!!! I mean if a “quasi-high roller” like this guy get’s so bummed out over having filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and was still working in the acting field, why would he shoot and kill his wife?!

One thing I have noticed is that Miami has lessened the use of the term “Urban Beach Weekend” and begun to use “Miami Beach Bash” more, me thinks, to eliminate (or reduce!) the aura of this being “just a black or urban thang” so we don’t forget the true meaning behind Memorial Day. As for me, I will be around town, it is one of the best places that I know of, and hang at the beach when I can find parking in Fort Lauderdale, and … dance a little when I can this weekend at the clubs here, too. Yet, may we not forget the reason that we in the USA still have a “land” where we can celebrate because of the protection that our military forces continue to provide … “Let freedom ring!”


John I. Cook
Educational Excellence

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