Staying Focused!

Life never stops

Monday, Monday … you’ve come to greet us again!

Here’s to hoping each of you had a pleasant weekend. As Saturday was also Haitian Flag Day, and I have been working with a good Haitian friend who is a community organizer, I wanted to remind those of us who may have forgotten that tidbit of historical trivia, if you will. I also heard that May is “National Physical Fitness and Sports” Month as well as National Mental Health Awareness Month, National Stroke Awareness Month and finally, National Bike Month! So … pick one … any one … or perhaps a combination of them.

Mental health is such an important issue in our society today that seems to be controlled and regulated, if you will, by pharmaceutical drugs. Now don’t get me wrong here, for I am not qualified nor prepared to have a discussion regarding mental health; yet, I can comment on my own mental health and awareness. Along the journey, I have learned to be positive about my life and other’s lives as well, when possible. Trust me on this one, I have been with the best of the best, and, probably some of the poorest conditioned folks, too. I recall when working on my first book that the alternate title was going to be “The Best of Both Worlds”. But, I think that this idea is well captured in the title, “From the Projects to Princeton”. Yet, what I do want to witness and testify to, if you will, is the power of positive thinking!

Some days, I find myself staying focused on not giving up … it is not an option. Other days, I find myself staying focused on looking for options. As well, I find myself nearly every day staying focused on what I have going on now … in the present! There are opportunities for multiple distractions, and some of those, I utilize as often as possible. For example, most of the yoga classes I attend are populated with people whom I have developed a semblance of a spiritual relationship, since we practice together weekly. Now there are some “yogis” who are not exactly focusing on spirituality as they practice yoga but there are those looking for the physical healing that yoga offers as well.

“Change” is happening again, it is the only constant, and I’ve got to “go with the flow,” like water. I am indeed looking forward to a positive week. Right now, let’s just start with Monday! Stay focused. Are you with me!?


John I. Cook
Educational Excellence

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