“Are You Finished Talking Yet?!”

Stop Talking

Happy Hump Day, All!

“Can’t we all just get along?!?” Tall order for us intellectually superior humans, right? Or are we? Yes, all the other “animals” on the planet have a pecking order, a hierarchy, and some are very territorial species! Yes, but “those guys” don’t claim to be the most civilized creatures on the planet … we do! We can make rockets fly, can make cell phones into computers, manipulate the stock market … but some of us can’t seem to control the words that come out of our mouths!! We want to blame someone else.

This past Sunday, I was browsing sermons on television as I had a day “to my lonesome”, as my mother used to call it when she needed a break from us kids and the clients whose homes she used to clean. I saw a woman from a local church delivering a “Mother’s Day” sermon and her focus was “Instagram” society! She mentioned how terribly technical we have become to the point where our emotions are often controlled by external forces … like Instagram! Everybody wants answers and solutions instantly. We all seem to be clamouring for instant or immediate gratification. After all, wasn’t it the Instagram photo of “Magic” Johnson and Sterling’s purported “mistress”, which she denies, that caused the uncontrollable flowing of negativity from Sterling’s own mouth?! And when confronted by Anderson Cooper for a second interview says, “What has he done for the youth?! Yeah, well … I’ll say it … he’s great. But he has AIDS!” Then, he goes on further in his defense, “I don’t talk about people, I talk about ideas!” Something sounds confusing here because “Magic” Johnson is a person … not an idea. And Sterling has been talking about him more than why he said what he said and why he claims to have a mistress at 80 years of age while still married to a woman who “owns” 50% of the Los Angeles Clippers!

Magic said what I probably would have said on a “great day”: “Well, you know, I’ll pray for the man!” LeBron James and others are talking about boycotting games next year if the NBA can’t get this team, which contains “black people”, away from a man who asked his girlfriend, “Why do you have to make it a public issue that you associate with blacks? … Don’t bring them to my games!” Yet, on a day like today, after muttering a few other things about this character (and others like him!), I would be more inclined to say: “Are you finished talking yet?!”

Have a great day, All!


John I. Cook

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