The Real “MVP”!


Yes, yes, y’all … it’s Monday again! What a blessing, heh? I know so many folks from my home town that didn’t make it to see another Mother’s Day . . . Peace be still … So . . . just be grateful, you dig?!

Certain days of the year have a greater impact on me, for whatever reasons, than others. One such day is “Mother’s Day”! I don’t know if it is because without “motherhood”, the planet’s population would ultimately decline and cease. There seems to be a unique spiritual relationship between The Creator and mothers, though I don’t know of anyone who has elaborated on it yet. For me, its importance lies in the close relationship that I had with my mother. She was like the family moderator who quietly and in her own way, resolved family issues peacefully. A lot of her rubbed off on me, though I went through a “not so peaceful” stage in my life upon realizing certain inequalities and unfairness in our society’s institutions. In fact, I got angry for a while. Yet, my mother was always there in those critical moments when I suppose I needed her support more than anything else in the world. She was there . . .

For me, a top story that caught many people’s hearts was the one of Kevin Durant, professional basketball player for the Oklahoma Thunder. Upon receiving the cherished and hard fought for MVP Award for the NBA in 2014, he delivered a speech honoring no one else other than his mother. It was so beautifully spoken, sincerely said, and eloquently delivered by a “boy to his Momma” that the whole world may have taken notice of it. He mentioned how she, a single mother, raised him and his siblings with near to nothing to eat some days and nights, no furniture in their apartment on some occasions, and continued to support him in his quest to become a very valuable National Basketball Association player!! I recall stories of mornings when he said that she would wake him up at 6am as he had requested so that he could go to the neighborhood court and practice shooting and dribbling. It seemed that he was destined for basketball greatness. The speech was impeccable!

When LeBron James weighed in on the NBA’s decision to name Kevin Durant as the Most Valuable Player for the NBA’s 2014 season, he was more than supportive. Besides, LeBron also comes from a female headed single parent family as well!!! So, he knows the deal. For me, to see a grown man shed tears and deliver a heart-felt speech upon his receiving the MVP title and to say that, “Mom, for all the work you did to get me here, you are the real MVP!”, is myth shattering. Then, for the same man to come out on Mother’s Day and play a spectacular game, banging and slamming into other men to get that orange ball into a small hoop, is also eye-opening! So proud of Kevin, his mother, LeBron … and all of the men who were bright enough to use the NBA to take care of their families, improve their own lives, and give so generously back to their own communities!

Have a great Monday and please … count those blessings and use them to your advantage … and the world’s advantage.


John I. Cook, Director

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