Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!

HMD 2014

It’s Friday, y’all!

So … T.G.I.F.! I’ve just got to say it today. What a week, heh?! Several people weighed in on the “Donald Sterling” caper including friend, baseball’s famed coach, Tommy La Sorda, and even a comment came in from Michael Jordan, one of basketball’s finest players ever. LaSorda simply stated that he felt that Sterling was wrong, was involved in some bad things and said too much in trying to handle his relationship with his assistant. He also added, “And the girl, I don’t wish anything bad on anyone but I hope she gets hit by a car!” Michael Jordan’s comment coming from a very successful African American man may be a bit more candid …. understandable even. He said: “I was a racist, too. Growing up in North Carolina, I didn’t like white people. It wasn’t until I got older that I stopped being racist.”

Well, it is Mother’s Day Weekend 2014! It is a wonderful time of year, though mothers are mothers everyday of the year! Perhaps, some might even say, “Every day should be Mother’s Day!” I have fond memories of my mother, the kind that bring tears to a grown man’s eyes … I still have her powder blue blanket that she kept on HER bed until she expired. I have her walking cane that was handmade in China sitting in one corner of my bedroom. Above the cane sits a lithographed framed piece of work of the Dead Sea, which she acquired on her trip to Israel. On my night stand sits a picture of my mother, my father and my daughter, Ayanna, when she was just a tot! Then, on the other side of the bed where I have a long slender table with a sound system and candle on it, there is a photograph of my mother, Marietta Dolores, in front of an antique Ford which had been reconditioned by the father of close family friends – the Hipps. She was alone and appearing rather serene in that photograph.

Memories of Mom go on and on … I intentionally saved things like candy bowls, a glass poodle that she used to have, even a crystal swan that she used to put pistachio nuts in when we had guests over to visit our humble home there in the Winbrook Projects. There are so many life saving memories of her for me that I have to sit back, teary eyed often, just giving thanks and saying the “Serenity Prayer” and the 23rd Psalm, which she taught me to say in quieting my own soul and spirit. Just last weekend, a former student of mine, Andre Hunter, had posted some pictures of he and his mother at her first New York Yankee’s baseball game as she was wheeled out on a comfy stretcher, brought to the stadium and wheeled in just behind home plate! What a kind, memorable and honorable way to acknowledge ones love for their mother.

Whatever you do, do something special for your mother while she is here. Of my many friends who are mothers, including Angela Monsaive and Kathleen Harris, Chrissie Poulakis (former co-worker’s baby’s momma of twins – Madison and Makela) I want to wish each and every mother a very “Happy Mother’s Day”! A special shout out to those men who have played and continue to play the “mother role” with their offspring, as well as Robert “Bobby” Schulman for getting a plaque placed on my mother’s grave last year. Kudos, gentlemen!

Peace be with you,

John I. Cook, Director

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