“Cinco de Mayo”: A New Season!

A New Season

Happy Monday, Amigos!

Si! Si! Si! Hoy es el “Cinco de Mayo”! Chevere, cierto?! Nice to acknowledge, learn about and embrace diversity, folks. Mexican Independence Day is a lot more than delicious drinks served with sumptuous foods of the Mexican cuisine! Have you ever celebrated an authentic “Cinco de Mayo”? Nor have I! So, send me a note if you have.

In each life, which are presents from our Creator, we have seasons. Often, there are many seasons. We often talk about childhood years, teenage years, young adulthood, adulthood, middle age crisis and senior citizens. Last night on “60 Minutes”, they even had a segment of studies of seniors “over 90” and elements of dementia aka Alzheimer’s Disease. Are these the ONLY seasons in our lives? Is everyone’s life to be the same? Should we compare ourselves to others to see if we “make the grade” that they have? I hope not!! Each of us is different, each of us with our own talents and gifts; some get more recognition than others for the same contribution. Yet, is life all about “recognition”? Again, I hope not!

While exchanging “notes” regarding former Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel with a friend, we came to the conclusion that he, too, is human. It’s hard to go so “far”, to travel so many “walks of life” and then fall from grace. That is the image WE create … “falling from grace!” Have any of us really reached that “state of grace” from which we can fall and other humans then can judge us?! Your answer is yours!! He had his season, folks. He (Pastor Bob) brought many people, sinners like himself, to a power greater than ourselves, whom he chose to call God. We each choose our own “gods”, be it money, power, sex … even drugs for some of us!! Into our lives come people … for a season. When that season ends, and their contributions to “our” life has been made, we must move on … both parties! No need for remorse or apologies to other humans like ourselves, but the need to move on is inevitable. Have you ever tried to “keep” someone in your life who was trying to “leave” it? It takes a lot more energy than we may want to expend. Sometimes, in trying to please others, we deplete ourSELVES!! Not good … not good at all!

Some folks may like ballet … and others prefer basketball. Does that mean that the ballet aficionado is “more important” than the basketball aficionadod, or vice versa? Absolutely NOT! In fact, there are different things that can be learned about life from each of those human activities. I look at this event with the owner of the Clipper’s NBA Team and his hurtful comments and how a true hardworking individual like Coach Doc Rivers can be clearly seen contributing more to the team members than the purported “owner” of the team!!! Rivers was the one who consoled the players, their families, and the team’s staff. What did the owner do? Well …. I am waiting!! I have heard comments that annoyed me by people who claim to be “enlightened” but seem to fall short of the mark. I just try to keep it simple … be myself … contribute my peace and humility, my hope and acceptance! If someone thinks that’s great, super! If not, I am pretty sure I will wake up the next morning without their help anyway!

In closing for “Cinco de Mayo” and A New Season, I would like to thank those of you who continue to read and understand my messages. I also thank you for your feedback, when possible. If this is the end of “your season” in someone’s life (even mine!), feel free to move on!

Peace and blessing,

John I. Cook, Director

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