May Days!!!


Happy May, Y’all!

Happy Friday, too! T.G.I.F. may be in order for some of us!! Count me in! While I have had a wonderful week of life, thanks be to My Creator and a few nice people … some of you included, it was a long one, a challenging one to which I contributed the best that I have! I have been building the tutoring component of Educational Excellence, which is a constant job! No complaints here either.

It is May, the flowers are blooming, the rains are still pummeling, even breaking up the Earth in some places from Orlando, Ocala to points North in Baltimore where sink holes have changed the security that most neighborhoods have had until recently. There was even an explosion of a gas line at a prison in Pensacola, FL which some are attributing to the extensive rainy weather. Peace be still! Thanks again to the loyal readers of these e-mails and the blog as well. You folks make a big part of my days!

It is May … yes, with Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, the infamous “May Day” and Memorial Day all coming during this month. Still, one of my favorite days of the Month of May is the 20th … And, that is my mother’s birthday! It is a day I always remember, as is the 4th of July … my father’s birthday! Those were the folks, coupled with the loving hand of The Creator, who brought me into this level of existence, if you catch my drift!

I am sure that many of you have special days in May, but I remember the grade school rhyme … “April showers bring May flowers!” Enjoy your day, enjoy your weekend, get out and smell the flowers or open the windows, go to Nature’s Finest ingredients of this Earth … the oceans, lakes, trees and breezes! Happy May Days!


John I. Cook, Director

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