“We Are One!” – L A Clippers

We Are One Clippers

Happy Hump Day, All!

Yes, yes, y’all! The middle of the week is upon us again!! Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and the festivities will be live for sure! Where will you be for “Cinco de Mayo” festivities?!

I have always enjoyed sports, I like to run around a field … either hitting a ball first or kicking a ball from one end of a field to the other. But, I have always had a special affiliation, love for, if you will … the game of basketball! I am not sure exactly where it comes from … perhaps a dormant gene from my Inca ancestry!!! lol! Ever since my brother Hank, RIP, taught me the fundamentals, I have always enjoyed the game. The male bonding (females, too!) on a court, in the locker room, in the hotel, on the airplane or bus, that occurs between team members is tremendous. Most sports involve the same thing but my “chosen sport” is basketball. My first hero was Walt “Clyde” Frazier of the New York Knicks. He was the smoothest ball handler on the court and the most avid and classy dresser off the court. Who would have ever thought that basketball would be the forum for re-defining “post racial” America?!

Who would have guessed that someone would attack the image, reputation or persona of someone like “Magic” Johnson in an obviously jealous racial rant to a purported “girlfriend” by a married owner of an NBA team? And, that team would be coached by an intelligent “no nonsense” type of guy like Doc Rivers … with a team that included Blake Griffin and Chris Paul … Who could imagine that a team owner … would take a chance and say something so stupid like: “It bothers me that you want to be seen with blacks!… Just don’t bring them to my games and don’t come to my games!” He does know that the woman he is referring to is half black and half Mexican, doesn’t he?! He should have known that his “stinking thinking” would get exposed … just because … and that someone like Magic Johnson would seek to remove his “professional” NBA head!! He should have known that NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, would take a “no nonsense” approach to punishing him … since the NBA has a majority of its players who are African American … MEN!!! What did he think was going to happen? All his money can’t take those ignorant, racist, stupid and hurtful words back once they were said!!! Obviously, he was given too much credit … this Sterling character. The life time ban and push to force him to sell the team is a great punishment for a man who’s made millions from “black players” talents.

Hopefully, this lesson will have a ripple effect from the seats at the Staple Center during Clipper’s games to the conversations in the locker rooms from Miami to Seattle … and abroad. I am glad he said these things … so that the truth can be known. Yet, I am a bit disheartened at how far “backwards” some have been willing to travel with a wag of their tongues!

Have a great Hump Day and don’t let nobody put you down! “Stay Up!”


John I. Cook, Director

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