“Are You . . . Kidding Me?!”


Monday, Monday …

You’ve come to meet us again!! How kind of you, my Friend!! I welcome each day, y’all, as if it were my last!

Last week on the 23rd of April, my late friend and confidante, Peter Zachary, had a birthday . . . Peace be still! The weekend came so quietly, following a week of challenge and intrigue in my professional AND personal life. Quiet as kept, I got through it!! Divine energy reigns supreme!!!

So, are some of us living in an alternate reality? I mean, back to back ignorant comments from well established (financially) people?? Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, obviously attempted to ridicule the government under the Obama Administration with his ignorant utterances regarding ” . . . how Black people are better off as slaves … than … under government subsidy!” Does he know that there are more “white people” living under government subsidy in the United States of America than there are “black people”? Or, is this living proof that because one has lots of money they are Definitely NOT more intelligent than those with less!!??

Okay, how about the “owner” of the Los Angeles Clippers team who told his girlfriend NOT to bring black people to his games … To remove all of the pictures from Instagram with she and Magic Johnson … Are you *%#?ng kidding me?!? How many African Americans play NBA basketball and have earned very decent monies playing and making people like Donald Sterling filthy rich??! And … this is the “thanks” they get?! I mean, his “new” coach Doc Rivers is probably one of the best known coaches in the game!! And this is the thanks that “Doc” Rivers and all his African American players get??!! Of course, as of yet, he has no replied to the multiple recordings, apparently in his own voice, where he makes statements alluding to the fact that he has no love nor respect for Magic Johnson … or any other African American basketball players at that. Sounds like the old chattel property attitude of “I own you, you make money for me … but that’s about as far as the respect goes!!” Wt@$%!!!

I am interested to see what responses come from these two “brilliantly” stupid men who have chosen to make such comments in what some folks have dared to call a “post racial America!” May we ALL rise above this archaic dinosaur’s head of extremely ugliness and embrace each other … diversity … and try to regulate this type of stupidity … from the top down!!

Peace be with each of you!


John I. Cook, Director

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charlie Ohl
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 12:38:16

    The actions and comments of people like those mentioned do not suprise me, however they sadden and disappoint me deeply. I (we) can only hope and pray that those of us who whole heartedly embrace diversity, acceptance, peace and love will remain strong, lead and leave a legacy that will one day eradicate this ignorance.



  2. raiza
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 22:02:27

    John!!! Its Raiza, hope I am at the right blog because I placed your card somewhere so I would not forget and guess what? I forgot lol Give me a call when you see this



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