True Riches Can Not Be Stolen!

Peace Fruit

It’s Monday, All!

And life’s cycle continues. Everything seems to be “conducted” or run in cycles, just saying! Twenty four hours in each day, 7 days in a week, 4 weeks to a month and 12 months to a year … and so on and so on … and so on! Here’s to hoping your weekends went well, and that you each are ready to seize the moment. Carpe diem, y’all!

I like honest people … and that’s not to say that I never get tripped up with a partial truth or two myself sometimes. But, in last Friday’s e-mail, I had mentioned that Diane Tillman of “Living Values” was “Dr. Tillman”! She wrote me back to clarify that she had not procured her doctorate as she was “too busy”! I know how that is, since several years ago I had applied to a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program at UCLA … and was accepted … but couldn’t find the funding. Yet, Diane wrote me back to tell me that, plus that she’d accept the “shout out!” Thanks, Diane … but you need to know that you conduct yourself the way a person with a bona fide doctorate would! Still . . . just saying!

Saturday morning’s yoga class was superb. I mention our awesome instructor, Maria, often because of her humility as well as her great intentions … not to mention her leadership and guidance in her yoga instruction. Our group, she says, is full of energy … positive energy, that is. We all know each other, say hello, work very hard together during class, and bid each other a good day at the end of class. Maria usually reads an anecdote or quote at the end of class during corpse pose much like my Thursday yoga instructor, Xiomar, does. The quote she read Saturday was, “Riches are often defined differently by many of us. But know that true riches can never be stolen.”

Now this is not to say that no one needs “riches” as traditionally defined, ie. – large amounts of money. Yet, it is an axiom stating that the most precious things are those that no one … not anyone … can take from you … or anybody else for that matter. I work each day and try to do things that make my life meaningful to me, and hopefully, to others. There are certain personality traits along with honesty, like hard work, perseverance, kindness, even love that are unique to each of us. Once we accepted our society’s form of socialization, we agreed to follow a certain pattern of behaviour to move ahead, be mobile and even successful, as defined in our society. In the exchange of goods and services, capital (money) is the median for that level of bartering, if you will. As we pursue our dreams, conform to society’s norms and values, we can lose ourselves … our true selves. In other words, as I believe the quote that Maria read to our yoga class alludes to, one can be “rich” in character and thusly, have no reason to consider oneself “worthless,” as some of us have been called … and have called others.

Never forget that your self worth can not be purchased … unless you allow it. Conversely, it can never be stolen … again … unless you allow it. Have a great day, a wonderful week, and cherish the fruits of the spirit. Happy Passover!


John I. Cook, Director

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