Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs Nurture

Happy Friday, All!

And as if you didn’t already know . . . T.G.I.F.!!! Quite an interesting week for me as I continue to build a client base for the tutoring component of Educational Excellence. Yet, I also count my blessings even as things get tight and challenging from time to time. I try to be grateful for whatever comes my way and that “serves me” rather than hampers my personal growth and spiritual progress. At this stage of the game, I know no other way . . . and wish that I knew sooner. Yet, everything has its time and place.

Back in the days of studying Sociology at Princeton, I recall having a question posed which still comes up in the social sciences, including philosophy. The question is: “What shapes a human being more, the forces of nature or … the forces of nurture?” After much discussion, disagreement and still more hypotheses, most serious social scientists agree that the forces of BOTH influence the shaping of the human character or person. Many times, I have contemplated suggesting that perhaps our “advancement” is not as great in the socio-spiritual realm as it is in science and technology. Could we be experiencing an imbalance in being progressive and advancing in BOTH areas?

How might anyone explain the earthquake there in Chile? I know, we can utilize some scientific jargon about the plates below the surface rubbing for what also happened just days ago in California. But does it make sense, folks? Have you ever contemplated that maybe we drilled in too many places for oil and diamonds and coal … Have you ever thought about why there are so many natural phenomenon that are occurring seemingly more frequently? If so, now is not the time to think about ALL the other things we’ve done to the Earth’s surface, crust and as deep as we can go and as high as we can build!!!

What about the second shooting at Ft. Hood there in Texas in 5 years? Here is another military person who had been getting treatment and help and had been diagnosed with some mental challenges after he left Afghanistan after serving just 4 months? Is this coincidental, too??! I think we all know that it is NOT coincidence that so much violence and killing of innocent people is becoming more and more prevalent. Do you think it could be because society itself is letting folks “fall through the cracks,” so to speak? It is clear that people of different groups and walks of life (socio-economic groups) are struggling to deal with all of the drama of a tight economy, a lack of concern for human rights and values in many circles, and the erosion of social fabric (ie. family structure and function as well as major institutions of society). The thing that surprises me is how much we can find out AFTER the deed is done, someone is killed and families are destroyed!!!

These things also give me a grand reason to be kind, thoughtful, helpful when possible and positive so that I can personally nourish myself and the relationships I am grateful to be a part of today! I mean, to live and to learn, to gain wisdom and still be ignorant is a waste of “life!” Well, whatever you do this weekend, enjoy yourselves, be good to each other and … appreciate the good things and folks that come your way!


John I. Cook, Director

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