So, What Do You Think of That?!

Do the thing E Roosevelt

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Quiet as kept (we used to always say that growing up), there are things that happen in our lives that we’ve no control over. What do you think? Not everything, of course, but there are some things that we could talk about for ever and a day and it would never happen. For example, hitting the state lotto! I don’t mean for a few bucks but something life changing, perhaps. How much would you need that to be?!

Other times in our lives, we may have talked about something, maybe meeting up somewhere with someone, or just doing something you’ve never done in your life before . . . preferably . . . something really good! Where am I going with this? Well, I will keep it short, sweet and somewhat private though there are no secrets. Yet, I come from the “old school” where we learned not to tell everybody everything . . . in hopes that the privacy would allow it to come to full blown fruition, if you will. Maybe like the 17 year old teen aged boy from New York City who got into all EIGHT of the Ivy League Universities!!?? He even said, “Well, I applied to them “all” in hopes of getting into one or two!” Yet, he got accepted into all EIGHT!! Bravo, young buck!

Well, I had been talking with a friend from another part of the world but who had attended college here and even works for that university now. Of course, when friendships bud, there is a lot of excitement usually followed by a dose of reality as each party learns more about the other. Social network friendships have become popular, some of them even characterized by a good friend’s sons’ television production called “Catfish.” Kudos, Nev and Ariel Schulman! Sometimes the one you meet in cyberspace is someone you never guessed it would be. This weekend, I have the chance to actually “catch up” with such a friend in my recent life. Oftentimes, cyber or social network friendships can be shaky, but I am anticipating something really special this weekend . . . especially since we both are remarkable people. Sit comfortable in yourselves, folks, for the journey often has great surprises. Be ready to smile a while when the opportunity comes your way! So, what do you think of that?!


John I. Cook, Director

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