Bottled Water Binge!

water is a human right

Happy Monday, All!

Can it possibly be a “happy” Monday?! Why … of course it can!! Us humans find so many different little, often idiosyncratic, things to become obsessed with, be it the latest style cell phone to bottled water. I mean, I have my own as well. Basketball is something that I love to watch, to play, to coach and to read about! I am not sure when it started but I do remember the first time my big brother Hank (RIP) first showed me how to dribble then shoot a basketball at the Big Playground in the Winbrook Housing Projects in White Plains, NY. I also enjoy eating these fruit pops made by “Whole Fruit!” I can eat a box of six pops in one evening. My favorite flavor is strawberry.

What are some of your binge materials, if I may ask? Some years ago, I would have had to add some rather “unhealthy” things that I binged on, but have since turned the corner on. Around the time that I had arrived to Florida from Colombia in 1995, I was suffering from a few different complications caused by one of my binge items. Yet, the main one was walking pneumonia! I rode a motorcycle in Cali, Colombia and I often got caught in deluges of rain. On other occasions, I would take my motorcycle into the mountains to a small rustic town called “Sylvia” and rent a room and a horse and ride until the sun went down!! I really enjoyed the horses a lot. I also enjoyed speaking, reading and writing Spanish! I even enjoyed dancing salsa and meringue to the most popular songs then, and even learned the lyrics of a handful of songs sung in Spanish.

While I have had my share of unhealthy binges, I talk about them … write about them … and the methods I used and still utilize to this day to keep my life “simple and healthy.” I have been struggling not to get a full blown cold though something has definitely been trying to grow from this cough and sinus congestion that I get when the weather gets cooler. So, no matter what, folks, keep in mind that you can select your binge today … you can change it from something unhealthy and costly to something a lot more beneficial to your life and it might not cost you anything!

Have a wonderful day and a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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