A Gentle Witness

Dorothy Height

Hello there, folks!

It’s Monday … the first day of a new week. What are each of us going to do with it? I don’t know about you but I’ve got a few projects that I need to complete ranging from figuring out the type of medical insurance I may be eligible for and handling tax related issues. ‘nough said, right!

Yet, as I awoke this morning, grateful for having had a very decent weekend and an exceptional Sunday, I wanted to share some things with you all. First of all, thanks to those of you who found time to reply to Friday’s e-mail/blog post. Two people in particular, whom I have know since childhood, replied in such a manner that really touched my being. James and Robert, thank you . . .

After having a decent Friday and Saturday, bills not included, Sunday took a rare form. Now, I had gotten in a bit later than usual so I slept a bit later than usual. Yet, when I got up, I did my “usual” which is put my clothes in the washer and start breakfast. I usually get them BOTH done at the same time, breakfast and laundry. Oftentimes, I may even stream the service from Calvary Chapel or catch one of the tele-evangelist on t.v. I didn’t yesterday. An associate with a personal problem similar to one I had many years ago approached me asking for help. I offered counseling since the type of help this person wanted is NOT the kind of help I choose to give to someone. Now, I have been “swindled” out of a few dollars here and there, unbeknownst to me as to what the perpetrator was going to do with the few dollars. But never have I knowingly helped someone to “escape reality” using the age old technique of altering it … perhaps … so that they could deal with it better. I offered counseling and was an attentive ear. I wasn’t sure where it was going but I had to distance myself from this, peace be still.

I have a New York born yoga classmate and friend who had told me about this event called the “Fire Ceremony” being held at Yoga Warehouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I went and it was an incredible experience, and, my friend met me there. It was basically a cleansing ceremony utilized for centuries by yogi communities in the East and still takes place in many communities world-wide today. The music the chanting, the incense and the meditation, which was indeed profound, took me to a place that I had never been before … spiritually speaking … and I was at peace with my own issues and the universe. I was a gentle witness to the Creator’s love. Om shanti

Another “gentle witness” who has often been the “unsung giant” of the civil rights era, Dorothy Irene Height, if alive today would be 104 years of age! She was born on March 24, 1912 in Richmond, VA and held such areas of hard work in administration, education and civil rights – in particular African American women’s rights, unemployment and illiteracy dear to her heart. She studied at Columbia University, Barnard College and New York University (NYU) and met her sunset on April 20, 2010. She even said that she had been confronted by the “Klan,” as were many civil rights leaders (MLK, Jr. included) and did NOT back down from her life’s work to pursue equal rights for all, especially African American women as she was one! She indeed can be labeled a gentle witness of our Creator’s love for each of us.

Have a wonderful Monday and a productive week.


John I. Cook, Director

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