Follow Through!

Follow Through

Yes, yes, y’all! It’s Friday … so … I’m gonna Thank God It’s Friday!

Sticking to my guns, y’all …. e’ery day! Needless to say, I am not perfect, so don’t get any crazy ideas. Yet, one of my daily affirmations is that people can count on me to follow through on what I start with them, so to speak.

In playing sports, be it tennis, golf, baseball, archery … and my favorite … basketball, there is such a thing as the “follow through.” You don’t just swing and stop when you want if you are trying to be a great hitter in baseball. Likewise in tennis, once you’ve hit the ball squarely, you follow through with the natural motion of your swing to achieve greater accuracy and velocity. I don’t know how many basketball coaches I’ve had that demonstrate and insist on that “follow through” motion when shooting a jump shot. “Follow through, Johnny Cook! Follow through, Son!” That was Coach Blake from the sidelines of our team’s bench at St. Paul’s School, as he encouraged me to use that “flow” when taking a 30 footer, which I didn’t take too often!! I enjoyed driving to the basket and getting as close as I could. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”

Life is much the same, my friends. I feel better when I follow through on projects, goals and dreams. I am NOT the kind of person who gives up. My parents taught me that as I watched them work together and piece driving trips to Florida from New York together on Christmas Vacations, not to mention other trips and activities. There were those summer Saturday mornings, sometimes Sundays, when we would get up early, get all our chores done from emptying the trash pails, cleaning the bathroom, and … yep, in the Projects … cleaning our bedroom windows!! Then, we would end up packing up the two-tone pink fishtail Cadillac with food, grill and sporting equipment to play softball or basketball. Finally, we would arrive at a State Park called Bear Mountain setting up for a festive family picnic day from sun up to sun down!! So, I just want to suggest that if you want something done right, not only do it yourself, but follow through, y’all!

I have begun a tutoring component of Educational Excellence that I see taking off a bit during these transition months since being laid off at Platinum Marketing Group in January. I initially started EE back when I taught Personal Development, English and reading enrichment courses for non-native language speakers, Critical Thinking (debating) at City College in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Many of my students needed an additional 2-4 hours of “one to one” work with either speeches, essays or just mapping out their futures. So, I began tutoring some of them in their own homes, met their families and learned of their hopes and dreams. I did my best to follow through with them on any and all of their projects. And through it all, Educational Excellence now hosts a blog/website, an official business website, and not only do I continue my writing and motivational speaking, but have come a full “360 degrees” and am back building the tutorial component of the business, though spiritual in nature! I have had “exes” tell me to trash my dream of building EE, as well as have had people ask me, “Who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing?” Even occasionally, “What are you talking about?” Sometimes I share it … sometimes I don’t. But I do follow through!! Do you?

Have a great day, as Spring has officially sprung, and I will stay on the case, y’all. And if nobody told you yet today that they love you, I love you … each of youse! And thank you, too!


John I. Cook, Director

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