For The Love of Life . . . I Live!

For The Love of Life

Happy “Hump Day” Morning, Y’all!

Of course we know what day it is!! That’s because we make each day count, right?! Well, if you’re not appreciating and making the best of each day, then … what do you live for?! Now, I am not suggesting that you “do away with yourself,” because The Creator giveth … and The Creator taketh away! It is not our job to do such a thing with our lives.

Waking up in the morning has always been one of the greatest joys in my life! Like this morning, I awoke early because I took charge of a situation, with the help of my Creator, and decided NOT to try to work all day and half of the night; then make sure another person got to an audition or engagement. This usually caused me to “hit the sack” at some unheard of hour like 3 or 4 … sometimes even 5AM! Of course, the next day suffered tremendously … That was NOT a good option for me. Hearing the birds chirping this morning outside the window of my flat before the traffic starts building has always been one of my favorite things I like about living where I do. Now, it is NOT an exclusive apartment complex, but it is in a pretty upscale neighborhood. We have the Pine Crest Private Day School just across the street and several residential areas adjacent to the apartment complexes that line the East side of 18th Avenue from Cypress Creek Road to Federal Highway aka US 1. The early morning has become my favorite time to reflect . . . and write.

Have you ever met people who seem NOT to love their lives, but live nearly moment to moment with no use of values like truth, peace, communication and understanding? It is rather difficult to have a decent time with such types of people. I mean, they might lie to get what they want … and think nothing of having told a lie to get what they want … even a sandwich!! Okay, so, I value my skills gifted me by my Creator and fortunately, lying is NOT one of those skills. Hard work IS one of those skills! Don’t take it the wrong way now. I know that there is a saying, “Don’t work harder, work smarter!” And I see the results of that axiom, if you will, in the lives of some well-to-do people. The new clients I have, two brothers in Fort Lauderdale, have a canal with a boat in it in their back yard! The house is humongous … with a theatre and dining room on the first floor. Obviously, someone (their father) is working “smarter,” so to speak. So I am their tutor! I take pride in that as much as some people take pride in the work that they may do!

I am grateful that today, I have learned to live life for the love of life . . . and not any particular possession or person in my life. It is a humble form of existence. It came to me yesterday during yoga class with Marissa as she instructed us to take the “humble warrior” pose. I can’t say that I remember any other yogis having us do that pose with such deliberation, if at all! I often enjoy the “peaceful warrior” pose as well as warriors I & II, but this was a moment of reflection with deep breathing in a pose I don’t remember having ever done before! I felt enlightened indeed.

As Spring is about to bloom, and, the beaches here in Fort Lauderdale are filled with tourists and Spring Breakers, I’ve got to keep that gratitude in my attitude … and make every day count.


John I. Cook, Director

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