” ‘t Is The Season . . .”

A seed dreaming inside

Happy Friday, All!

Now, I might have to take a few steps back first … get a running start … and then say, “Thank God It’s Friday!” And you?

Upon looking at the title of today’s writing, I said to myself, “Well, John … Your reader’s are going to think that you have lost your mind … what’s left of it anyways!” Of course, that’s why I DIDN’T change it … It will be a challenge to expose this “seed dreaming inside” of me.

In taking a panoramic view of “reality”, so to speak, I notice a lot of troublesome times and moments … right down to my own individual experiences these past few weeks. My heart was broken when I thought about Jordan Davis losing his life and the jury having some difficulty charging his assailant with “murder” as they should have. I mean, 9 shots into a vehicle with UNarmed teenagers inside … one is killed instantly … What do we carry inside ourselves to drive us to want to deviate from the established norms to something like this?! Of course, there are more events we could look at. But … isn’t this “Spring Time” when the birds and the bees are finding their way through the trees to create new life?! Isn’t this a time of new beginnings of sorts?!

The situation in the Ukraine has been de-escalated apparently and Russian troops have been “called down” from their occupation of this independent state. When watching the news yesterday, there was a story regarding the blast that occurred in East Harlem the day before. One gent was interviewed and said, “When I was on my way to work in the early morning, I walked out of my home and immediately smelled gas!” Was that enough of an alert to get people to safety?! No … it wasn’t … because New York City’s Harlem is quite big and the gas lines are probably an intricate weaving of pipes … old ones at that … beneath the City’s surface!!! Where to begin looking?! And that plane from Malaysia heading to Beijing, China still hasn’t been found … nor any traces of anyone or anything so far … Kind of sends chills up my spine!

Personally, I found myself wanting to help an associate who had only oneself in mind … but in a very narcissistic way! Everything had to revolve around this person … who was asking everyone around to help with some aspect of her life!! Now I thought, “I just passed through a very rough time and wasn’t sure how I was going to come out of it, so … maybe this is my opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone!” Yet, I soon discovered that lies, deception and playing one person against another was the style of this creature!! “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!” Soon, my heart was wrenched back to reality and I had to allow myself to be removed from this environment, as did some of the people I met who sought to also help this person with housing, food, transportation … even money! I had to hit a yoga class yesterday in an effort to alleviate the deception and fraud I had experienced just to find a peace and calm in my own heart!! I was fortunate enough to have chosen a class with a teacher from Cali, Colombia – Xiomar – who is also very spiritual and immersed in her craft as a “yogi” … and very young, too! Her words of wisdom were just what I needed as I moved through the asanas (poses) that she guided us through with a slow flow to match our movements with our breath. I found that “seed dreaming inside” of me … that one of peace and comradery, patience and respect, survival and successful living techniques!!!

Yes, it is Spring Time … and ‘t is the season but for things to be renewed and cultivated … and … as Xiomar stated in our class meditation topic … to control the things we each hold dear inside of us! Have a great day, a wonderful weekend … St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in many places … and be at peace with the universe!


John I. Cook, Director

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