Mira! Mi Gente!!

La gente

Happy Friday, All!

Did this week go fast … or what?! I don’t know about you … but … T.G.I.F.!! Take a moment to appreciate it!

With all of the international drama going on, I wonder how people (mi gente) find the time to plan a super spectacle like the Carnival of Miami aptley named “Calle Ocho!” It is by far the largest street party in Miami and it falls on the heels of “Carnaval” in Brazil, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and “Festival on the Mile”, also in Miami last weekend. I thought I had been to a street party when I was invited to attend “Soulfrito 2014” by my home town friend, Corn Bread, and his partner in filming, Matlock! Now this street festival is one that purportedly “takes the cake!”

I’ve been to the Latin Heritage Festival in Hollywood, FL held right there on the beach, which adds a special ambiance, “mi gente!” Pero, Mira! This year’s Calle Ocho, which is held on 8th Street in Little Havana in Miami, is scheduled to have Daddy Yanky as a headliner with many many more artists, dancers, singers and rappers even! I have never actually entered the area of “Calle Ocho” during the festival, but was an extra “on set” at a few movies filmed near by during a previous “Calle Ocho” Festival. It is a larger version of “Soulfrito” in that it covers the whole “Calle 8” there in Little Havana. The restaurants will be boasting their Latin heritage with a South American twist and the streets will be throbbing with the music of the drums, timbales and singers and dancers! Who could ask for a more vibrant event where Miami’s multicultural population spills out its “Latino’s finest,” if you will. There will be boats there in the Port of Miami as well as personal watercrafts from yachts down to wave runners!

So, as the Spanish phrase goes, “Mira! Mi Gente!”, I claim a small part of Spanish culture after my five year stint teaching in Cali, Colombia. Que vas hacer tu? (What are you going to do?!) Embrace diversity, mi gente!!!

Have a great weekend and do a little Spanish salsa or meringue when you can! Dale!


John I. Cook, Director

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