“Ashes to Ashes . . . Dust to Dust . . .”

The Holy Spirit

Howdy, All!

Yes, it is Hump Day again … “We’ve got to get over the hump!” Also, it is Ash Wednesday. What’s your take on that?

Well, for me, I enjoy looking at other religions, so to speak, because the religions demonstrate humanity’s way of attempting to explain the “unexplainable” occurrences in life. All across the globe for perhaps centuries, humans have struggled along this journey called life. Each group of people either based on ethnicity or geographical location as well as the natural environment have sought to gain understanding into those things unseen. I like to refer to such things as “spiritual” occurrences. The stories go far and wide between Abraham and Isaac to the Prophet Muhammad and including Buddha!

Ash Wednesday is a Catholic based observance based on preparing and fasting for Easter. Now, it’s okay if one doesn’t embrace the name of the Holy Day nor believe its origins. Yet, there is something fundamental about human behavior contained in the celebration of Ash Wednesday that we can come away with. The Genesis verse regarding, “From dust you come, and to dust you will return!” is fundamental to understanding that no matter what we have accomplished or accumulated along the journey, we will return to dust … or one will die.

Amongst the most important elements of Ash Wednesday and Lent is that one should pray, one should prepare, one should fast (consuming one meal a day) and one should be giving and reflect on this Earthly life. In other words, for me, one should also be preparing oneself “spiritually” for the time when we return to dust. What I’ve found is that if I can find something that I can use to better myself and humanity while on this journey, I will embrace it! Of course, feel free to reply to this e-mail or post on the blog and/or on Facebook! It’s always great to share ideas of goodness, peace and love along this journey. What will you do to better ourselves this Ash Wednesday?


John I. Cook, Director

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