What I Like About You!!!

What I Like About You!

Hey now, y’all! Yep, it’s Happy Hump Day again!!

What does the forecast look like for you amongst the things that you like?! Isn’t it nice when one can find things to actually “like” about another person or situation even?! It is the positivity of thought that often keeps the negative from taking over ones stream of consciousness. I remember some years back during my young adulthood, I grappled with the fact that “bad things happen to good people, too!” What a paradox, heh??!!

Some folks might deduce from that simple teaching something completely the opposite. For example, if bad things happen to good people, too . . . then why be good?! You do know that there are people who think that way, right?! I know a few, in case all of your friends seem so perfect to you. Well, here’s my take on why being good is better than being “bad” even if bad things happen to good people, too. I personally feel better when I try to do good things. Of course, one of my favorite historical figures who characterizes this thought better than most is Jesus . . . yep, the man who was crucified because of his beliefs in human-kind’s ability to be good.

About a week or so ago, I was in Publix supermarket in Ft. Lauderdale and a young lady approached me and asked me if I wanted to taste the wine. This was one of those promotional persons who sets up a table in front of an aisle and offer samples of white wine or red wine from some particular companies whose products are being marketed for promotion. So, I looked at her as our eyes met for a moment, and I said “No thanks!” But I felt a bit of a “flow” of positive energy coming from her. Yet, I continued on to the ice cream coolers to get some of my favorite fruit health pops made by Whole Fruit. I checked out, looked for the young woman again who was also rather attractive and tall and told her that now I would taste the wine. I am not a big wine drinker, nor a big drinker at all. But I went back and tasted the two. I noted an accent in her voice and asked where she was from. Colombia. That was the beginning of a new friendship for me, so far. A woman was seated next to her whom she introduced as her mother who was visiting from a small town called Malaga in the region of Santander, Colombia. She told me she was a singer and a model and was looking for some contacts. I immediately thought of my buddy that I call “Big Bro'”, Mr. Robbie Williams. So we exchanged business cards and I promised to get back to her soon.

After calling Robbie, he told me about a gentleman who was the bassist in a group that was performing at Blue Jean Blues, a fairly new live jazz club in Ft. Lauderdale, on Monday night. I picked up my friend and her mother and we went to meet this guy. The show was fantastic and he was “our” first contact. While it didn’t pan out as of yet, we also exchanged numbers. As we were leaving Blue Jean Blues, my new friend noticed a couple of other “clubs” that had live entertainment on the same street and she entered and expressed her interest in singing at the establishments. Before we had left the street, she noticed a karaoke event taking place at a corner bar called “The Dive”. She entered the establishment, spoke to a few people and before we knew it, she was performing some of her favorite karaoke tunes by “Shakira” … on stage!!! Clearly, she was the best of all of the “entertainers” that night. Last night, Robbie mentioned that he knew of another karaoke event at an establishment in Boca Raton called “Platforms”. I picked Angela and her mom up, as they are not staying more than 15 minutes from me, and took them to Platforms. She was invited to perform without hesitation. There was a friend of Robbie’s named “Hal” who was playing guitar, had a female drummer and another young lady singing back up for the karaoke performers. Angela did well, bonded with the band leader, met the owner of Platforms, and exchanged numbers with quite a few people as they were extremely impressed with her “show-womanship” as she sang in both English and Spanish and danced to the “kumbia” in the presentation of her third and final song of the night! I liked that!

So, while we may think from time to time that our acts of kindness in our most challenging times may not matter; but quite often . . . they do! I am hoping that some of the contacts that “Angela” made will come to fruition so that she can perform in other places with her own live band, perhaps!

Keep a positive attitude about life and always try to do your best. For me, that is in my heart . . . to be of service to others! “What’s in your heart?!”


John I. Cook, Director

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