“When One Door Closes . . .”

Rising Sun

Good Monday morning, All!

I am sure that by now, most of “us” have had that first cup of coffee or water or juice or … all three! Isn’t it nice to be alive today?! The weekend for me was great. Anytime I can have a new experience and learn something new, it has been a great day!

One of my former students, yet continual friend, “Corn Bread” as he likes to be called, just surprised me with a phone call that he was in “Ft. Ladi Dadi!” like Thursday evening or so. He was in the midst of organizing the coverage of the event in Miami Gardens, FL know as “SoulFrito.” It is an annual “urban Latin American” musical event which often combines hip hop and rap either in Spanish or using the unifying “rhythm and blues” backgrounds established by African Americans in modern music genres. Corn Bread invited me to tag along with he and the video photographer, “Matt” aka “Matlock”, with hopes of me being able to interview some of the artists. While that never happened, the experience was chock full of new learning for me.

How many times have we heard the expression, “when one door closes, another one opens?” It is like folklore for more spiritual people. Sometimes, we react harshly when that “door” or opportunity closes down and prohibits us from entering. Yet, I can tell you from experience, that sometimes the “other” door takes a while to appear, or, for us to realize that it is actually there – and open. Then of course, as the saying by Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor) clearly states, ” . . . we may be so focused on the closed door and the grief it causes that we don’t notice the other door opening!” My most recent employment experience with the marketing group I’d been with for nearly 5 years was the “closing of one door.” Now, my professional background is in education: teaching, tutoring, reading and writing! Yet, I never had the opportunity to experience the use of those skills with the marketing company. Now, as you all also know, I have been working hard at keeping Educational Excellence afloat in addition to my regular “9 to 5” jobs. So, for me, this door has always been open for me simultaneous to the routine “jobs” I’ve held. Now, I have a chance … an opportunity … to get into the things that really make me happy – helping people through community service and/or teaching and educating others!

While many of us still have the opportunity to experience this gift of life, I suggest we take the opportunities EACH DAY with as much vigor and excitement as we possibly can. As seen with the disappearance of a South Florida FSU (Florida State University) graduate who was scheduled to begin law school and an internship in the State’s capitol, we have each witnessed over and over how “life is just a moment.” He was found in an abandoned building in Tallahassee. In streaming and viewing programs by Joel Osteen and Bob Coy this past Sunday, the theme reverberated consistently that, “Whenever you have good times, remember . . . all is well. Even when times get more difficult, challenging and even overbearing, never forget that Our Creator has It’s hand in this, too . . . and that again, all is well!”

Have a great Monday, All! Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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