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Happy Friday, All! And if you don’t mind, I’d like to thank God it’s Friday!!

Things for me are taking an interesting turn as I try to put the individual events I am experiencing together like connecting the dots. That takes a lot of time, so, I am just learning to trust and have faith in the process. All I can say is that I am very thankful for all the love and support that has come my way during this transition period, and that I am grateful to have people like many of you in my life. Thank you!

So this weekend South of here . . . South Beach (SoBe), to be exact . . . there are a couple of star studded events, so I’ve heard! The Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Party celebrates the calendar models’ fiftieth anniversary! I remember when I was in boarding school in New Hampshire “many moons” ago how we used to cherish those photographs of the SI Swim Suit Calendars … at the then all boys prep school! What a match! Sports and beauty. Now, also, with some of the best weather probably on the planet, the Sobe Wine and Food Festival is rocking South Beach with culinary delights, some of the best chefs world-wide as well as the finest wines and beverages to accompany the 13th Annual Festival! Could this be how you spell “stress relief?” I mean, ain’t nothing wrong with that as long as you can handle the fanfare, the fun and the finances! Yet, for those of us who may not be able to partake in such events regularly, we may need to choose alternate ways to enjoy this gift called life! How do you spell “stress relief?!”

For me, as you probably know by now, I utilize meditation, prayer and yoga. Just yesterday, as I continue to adjust my schedule to move along from a somewhat steady situation work-wise, our yoga instructor, Xiomar, offered us the opportunity to focus on stress relief during our practice. There are certain areas, like the hips, which are said to hold human stress. So we engage in hip opening asanas. As well, humans find that the longer we live, the more challenges we have “naturally” in our backs, shoulders and neck. So, it would only make sense to nurture those areas of our body as well as seek to stretch and breathe into the more taunt areas, when possible. After class yesterday, Xiomar jovially chatted about the “yoga high” that one can experience while in the final relaxation pose known as corpse pose! Then, thanks to our Creators, we roll over on the right side into the fetal position, sit up slowly and flow into the lotus pose and bid each other “namaste!” That’s how I do it . . . for now, folks!

Have a great weekend, and wherever you are, release stress from your body which naturally accumulates and often affects the human body in negative ways, not to mention aging faster! Choose a healthy spiritual life and keep the faith.


John I. Cook, Director

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